Freshly launched: Wolves in London plants in a box

Houseplant boxes for sale

Shop plants in a box: curated houseplant boxes for delivery

I had a great idea in the very first lockdown to put together some boxes of houseplants that I could deliver to doorsteps. Because what could be nicer if you’re stuck at home than the doorbell ringing and a box of plants sitting there waiting for you…

It’s taken a bit longer than I had hoped (I mean, what doesn’t?!) but I’m finally ready with a trial period and four different boxes for you.

Each box is curated with a selection of five plants. Plants that I love and grow in my own home (and which you’ve probably seen on my Instagram account if you follow me over there), plants that look great with each other (and equally great on their own!) and – crucially – plants that are easy to look after.*

Whatever box you choose, I’ll deliver to your door, so for now it’s only deliveries to East Dulwich and surrounding areas** or you can come and collect from me. 

You’ll get a care guide for each of the plants in the box, so you know how to look after them.

I’m seriously excited. Hope you are too. Can’t wait to hear from you…

You can shop the boxes here!

*There is one exception to this, I’m looking at you, Alocasia zebrina in box 4! But it’s so beautiful I couldn’t resist including it, even though it is a bit higher maintenance.

**Delivery area: roughly a mile or two from East Dulwich, so Peckham, Nunhead, Forest Hill, Herne Hill, all the other Dulwiches. But if you’re close by, want a box, and are not on that list, drop me a message and we can have a chat.

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