Individual plants and bespoke boxes

Any of the plants in the boxes are available to buy individually if you are happy to come and collect them from me in East Dulwich (London, SE22). Please get in touch if you’d like info on individual prices. I also have a few other plants available that you could either add to a box, or buy on their own. See them at the bottom of this page.

I can put together bespoke boxes of plants for delivery (or collection) with a minimum of four plants in a box, if you’d like to mix and match from the available boxes, or if you’re looking for something specific. Some boxes I have made in the past include a cat safe plant box, a box of trailing plants and a bathroom box. I’m always happy to offer advice for specific locations, so just drop me a message with your query!

Please get in touch if you’d like to buy any of them.

Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ (£5)

I’m really pleased to have got my hands on this gorgeous plant, as I’d been looking out for it for ages. It’s a lovely trailing fig, with round button leaves, and a slight variegation of cream colours around the leaf edges. Happy in a medium to bright spot, just keep it out of direct sun or deep shade. Perfect for a hanging pot or to sit on a high shelf, where its trailing stems can be admired.

Light: Medium light, avoid direct sunlight or complete shade.
Water: Regular watering, but allow to thoroughly drain after each time.
Humidity: Appreciates an occasional mist.
Toxicity: Toxic to cats and dogs.
Pot size: 12cm

Asparagus setaceous

Asparagus fern (£6)
(Asparagus setaceous)

Such a gorgeous, feathery, light plant, perfect for the bathroom. The asparagus fern is not actually a fern at all, but enjoys similar living conditions to ferns, of moisture and medium light. If happy, this can grow and grow, eventually getting a woody structure.

Light: Medium / low light levels. Avoid direct sunlight.
Water: Keep the compost permanently slightly moist.
Humidity: Needs high humidity. Mist frequently.
Toxicity: Mildly toxic if eaten. (Can cause stomach pain / vomiting.)
Pot size: 12cm

Crassula ‘Hobbit’ (£10)

One of my absolute favourite of the jade plants, Crassula hobbit has long thin hollow stems, growing in a branching way like a miniature tree. And this is a really large and impressive specimen! This needs a sunny spot, a South or West facing windowsill would be ideal, and not much watering.

Light: Full direct sunlight.
Water: Only infrequent watering needed.
Humidity: Dislikes high humidity.
Toxicity: Toxic to cats and dogs
Pot size: 15cm

Philodendron Micans

Philodendron ‘Micans’ (£10)

I feel so bad for this gorgeous Philodendron Micans — it is such an absolute beauty and I simply cannot manage to photograph it in a way that captures that! Similar to the ever-reliable Philodendron scandens, but with the most beautiful velvet leaves, that start out a bronze colour and turn green as they get bigger. This photo here does absolutely no justice to the plant at all, but if you have seen one in the flesh somewhere (or in someone else’s better photo) and already know how beautiful they are, then you might want to get one! (Meanwhile, I need to keep trying to get a good photo of it…) Perfect for a hanging basket or a high shelf.

Light: Bright, indirect light.
Water: Water every couple of weeks. Tolerant to forgetful watering.
Humidity: Appreciates an occasional mist.
Toxicity: toxic to cats, dogs and humans if eaten.
Pot size: 12cm

Please get in touch if you’d like to buy any of them.