Box 3: baby plant box (£25)

  • Box 3: baby plant box (£25)

A box with some of my favourite plants from the other selections, just in miniature sizes. I know not everyone can afford to spend £55+ on plants — especially at the moment — so this is a selection of fast growing plants in little pots that you can grow into an indoor jungle yourself.

Each of these tiny pots has a really good sized plant inside, ready to be potted on and cared for, where it will quickly grow bigger and more impressive. As an extra bonus, this box comes with six plants instead of five!

The box includes one of each of the plants and care guides with growing tips for each one so you can keep them at their best.

Please note: for this trial period, delivery is to East Dulwich and local areas only. Or you can come and collect from me.

Price includes delivery. Deliveries will be contact free doorstep drops in a lockdown compliant way.

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This box contains:

Parlour palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

Parlour palm
(Chamaedorea elegans)

The parlour palm was first a popular houseplant in Victorian times and, like many of the houseplants that proliferated in the 1970s, is really coming back into vogue again. This is just a tiny baby, but it can grow really tall, ultimately reaching up to about 2m high. Take good care of this one and you’ll have a statement plant in a few years!

(8cm pot)

Dieffenbachia Compact

Dieffenbachia compacta

A super easy-care houseplant, that doesn’t need much attention, watering or light… This is a sturdy little plant that will just keep on growing and looking cheerful, pretty much whatever you throw at it. Its leaves have a lovely cream and dark green variegation, dark on the outsides and light in the middle, with speckles of dark green.

(8cm pot)

Peperomia rosso

Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso’

A gorgeous little peperomia, with dark green glossy leaves that have a bright red underside. You sometimes find these called “radiator plants” — supposedly because they like warm air — but I woudn’t ever recommend actually placing it on a radiator!

It’s a low growing small plant, that won’t increase much in size, but takes little care and just carries on looking pretty great with just the occasional watering.

(8cm pot)

  • Athyrium fern
  • Mini fern selection: Pteris
  • Mini fern selection: Hemionitis

Fern lucky dip

I’ve got a great selection of little ferns in 8cm pots, and there will be a lucky dip choice in the box! They’re all equally stunning, in my opinion, but if you have a preference, do let me know when you order.

There’s a mix of athyrium, pteris and hemionitis, (the heart leaf fern). They all need lower light conditions (though not complete darkness, they will need a room with a window in) and to be kept constantly moist. They should grow pretty quickly if they’re happy, so you can repot them into something bigger fairly soon…

(8cm pot)

Crassula arborescens ‘Undulatifolia’

A lovely little jade plant, with thin, wavy, paddle leaves, in a gorgeous glaucous grey colour. Like all jade plants, this is super easy to look after, just needing a sunny spot and very little water. Perfect for a bright windowsill.

(8cm pot)

Sedum morganium

Sedum morganium ‘Burrito’

Another appealing succulent, often referred to as “Burro’s Tail,” this sedum has oval blue-green leaves spiralling around the stems.

It likes a bright spot, somewhere out of the way of being knocked as it has a habit of dropping those leaves if anything so much as brushes them. No worries if that happens, though, as each leaf will root and grow into a new plant if it’s placed on some compost.

(10cm pot)

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