Box 6: three plants, three stripy pots (£30)

  • Peperomia pepperspot in stripy pot
  • Parlour palm in stripy pot
  • Creeping fig in stripy pot
  • Three plants in stripy pot box (£30)

The perfect plant box to give as a present: three sweet plants in three stripy pots.

These are some of my favourite smaller plants, that are all easy care and will bring a spot of lush green to any room.

The tiny String of Coins (Peperomia ‘Pepperspot’) is especially appealing with its bright green leaves paired with the stripy pot; the leafy parlour palm is one of the most laidback palms there is, happy in most locations; and the creeping fig (Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’) with lovely variegated leaves, will grow bushier and bushier with a bit of regular watering…

The box includes one of each of the plants, a matching sized pot, and care guides with growing tips for each one so you can keep them at their best.

Please note: for this trial period, delivery is to East Dulwich and local areas only. Or you can come and collect from me.

Price includes delivery. Deliveries will be contact free doorstep drops in a lockdown compliant way.

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This box contains:

Parlour palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

Parlour palm
(Chamaedorea elegans)

A lovely, elegant, low maintenance palm, that’s been a popular houseplant since the Victorian times. One of the best air purifying plants there is, this would be great for a place in the bedroom.

Give it a spot with medium to low light, and water every week or so. It’s quite forgiving of a range of light levels and tolerant of an erratic watering schedule…

(8cm pot)

Individual plants

Creeping fig
(Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’)

I adore this trailing fig, with round leaves, edged with white, on ever-increasing stems. It’s fairly tolerant about light levels, being happy enough as long as it’s not in total gloom or scorching sunlight. It does, however, need regular watering as it doesn’t like to dry out, so make sure to water about once a week and don’t let the compost dry all the way through, or the leaves will quickly go crispy.

(10cm pot)

Peperomia 'Pepperspot' (String of Coins)

String of Coins
(Peperomia ‘Pepperspot’)

Such an insanely adorable plant! One of the newest additions to the plant boxes and I am so pleased to have my hands on this. A gloriously cute plant, with round green coin-shaped leaves hanging on red stems. If happy, it will grow and grow, with its tendrils getting longer and longer.

It will grow best in bright, indirect light, but can cope in a shadier spot. Water once the top of the compost feels dry to the touch.

(6cm pot)

Three stripy Iseo pots

Three stripy “Iseo” pots

Three matching pots in different sizes (7cm, 10cm and 12cm) to fit the plants. These are really striking, distinctive plant pots, white with black stripes across them and a textured surface.

Small rubber stoppers on the bottom prevent damage to surfaces.

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