Box 7: three plants, three pots (£45)

  • Three plants, three pots (£35)
  • Three plants, three pots (£35)
  • Three plants, three pots (£35)
  • Three plants, three pots (£35)

The perfect box to give as a present (either to someone else, or yourself!) This box has three plants in three matching pots. Three of my favourite, easy-care houseplants, each with tints of green and red in them, so they look especially good grouped together in these terracotta-style pots.

The box includes one of each of the plants, a matching sized pot, and care guides with growing tips for each one so you can keep them at their best.

Please note: for this trial period, delivery is to East Dulwich and local areas only. Or you can come and collect from me.

Price includes delivery. Deliveries will be contact free doorstep drops in a lockdown compliant way.

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This box contains:

Watermelon peperomia

Watermelon peperomia
(Peperomia argyreia)

Who wouldn’t fall for those round watermelon shaped leaves? A plant with stunning foliage but fairly simple care needs, this is simply one of my favourite ever houseplants.

It would like a bright spot, with indirect light (no burning rays of sunshine which could scorch its amazing leaf pattern) and watering once a week or so. 

(12cm pot)

Peperomia rosso

Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso’

A gorgeous little peperomia, with dark green glossy leaves that have a bright red underside. You sometimes find these called “radiator plants” — supposedly because they like warm air — but I woudn’t ever recommend actually placing it on a radiator!

It’s a low growing small plant, that won’t increase much in size, but takes little care and just carries on looking pretty great with just the occasional watering.

(8cm pot)

  • Crassula arborescens
  • Crassula


A choice of two different jade plants: one with curly, flat paddle leaves, or one with small button shaped leaves. Both have red tinged edges to the leaves when situated in good light, that match well with the red stems of the watermelon peperomia and the red undersides to the leaves of the Peperomia ‘Rosso’.

Jade plants are easy to care for, just needing a spot with bright light (ideally next to a window) and little watering.

Three ceramic Saar pots

Three ceramic “Saar” pots

Three matching pots in different sizes (8cm, 12cm and 14cm) to fit the plants. These warm toned terracotta-style pots have a lovely white patina, giving them an immediate vintage feel. Three small rubber stoppers on the bottom prevent any damage to the surfaces they’re sitting on.

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