Individual plants

Though I don’t deliver individual plants, any of the plants in the boxes are available to buy individually if you are able to come and collect from me in East Dulwich, SE22.

Here are some of the plants that are available, but if you like a plant from one of the houseplant boxes that isn’t listed here, just get in touch and I can give you individual price information.

Oxalis triangularis

Oxalis triangularis (£7)

One of my favourite plants ever! Amazing purple leaves, sweet pink flowers and arching stems. Like so many houseplants, this needs a spot in bright, indirect light (close to an East or North facing window, or set back a little from a South or West facing one…) It can cope with a bit of neglect, starting to wilt and look sad if it doesn’t have enough water, but picking up quickly once it is watered again.

Light: Medium. Avoid direct midday / evening sunlight or total shade.
Water: Approx once a week. Won’t die if forgotten!
Humidity: Average room humidity is fine
Toxicity: Toxic to animals or humans if consumed in large quantities
Pot size: 10cm

Pickle plant (£9)
(Delosperma echinatum)

Such a cute plant, with round leaves, covered in tiny little hairs that make it look a bit like a pickle. This succulent is really easy to look after, not needing too much watering and just a bright spot to sit.

Light: Bright light. Close to a window is ideal.
Water: Let the soil dry out completely between each watering. Water well and allow to drain fully.
Humidity: Normal humidity levels are fine.
Toxicity: Not known to be toxic.
Pot size: 12cm

Crassula ovata 'Hobbit'

Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit’ (£10)

One of my absolute favourite of the jade plants, Crassula hobbit has long thin hollow stems, growing in a branching way like a miniature tree. And this is a really large and impressive specimen! This needs a sunny spot, a South or West facing windowsill would be ideal, and not much watering. 

Light: Full direct sunlight.
Water: Only infrequent watering needed.
Humidity: Dislikes high humidity.
Toxicity: Toxic to cats and dogs
Pot size: 15cm

String of turtles (£18)
(Peperomia prostrata)

One of the most appealing trailing plants there is. The string of turtles has glossy round leaves with markings on that look just like turtle shells. Perfect for a spot in bright, indirect light; it needs light right at the top of the pot to grow well, so it’s best as hanging plant in front of a window, rather than up on a high shelf.

Light: Bright, indirect light. Be sure that light reaches the top of the pot and not just the trailing stems.
Water: Approximately once a week, let the top few inches dry out before watering, but don’t let the entire pot go completely dry.
Toxicity: Non toxic.
Pot size: 17cm

Calathea Zebrina

Calathea Zebrina (£15)

Isn’t this just a totally stunning plant? Striped leaves, ever so slightly velvety to the touch, which lift up and down during day and night. Like all Calatheas, this appreciates a regular watering schedule (little and often tends to work well), and prefers rain water or filtered water. 

Light: Bright, indirect light is best, though it can cope with shadier conditions. Avoid direct sunlight or total gloom.
Water: Top up regularly (weekly tends to be fine), with a small amount of water. Avoid letting it dry out completely, or sitting in soggy compost. Prefers rain water.
Humidity: Appreciates high humidity. Mist or keep in a bathroom or on a gravel tray.
Toxicity: Non toxic to humans and animals
Pot size: 14cm