Kids craft: no glue conker spiders

DIY no-glue conker spiders | Wolves in LondonI have to confess, I find crafting with the children a singularly stressful experience.

When the sprogs were still babies, I eagerly looked forward to a time when we could make stuff together. Misty-eyed, I imagined rainy afternoons spent bent over the kitchen table, glue stick in one hand, paint brush in the other, as we painstakingly created a magical castle made of nothing but loo rolls, or perhaps a Thunderbirds mountainside and launchpad from papier mache.

(Yes, I think it is possible that these imaginings were based largely on my own consumption of Blue Peter at a young age in the early 1980s…)

In actuality, now the kids are old enough to make things with me, any time spent attempting to craft anything tends to end with someone having a screaming tantrum and throwing a pair of scissors across the room. And it’s not always me.

The sproglet, in particular, just doesn’t like being helped with anything. If he’s making something, he has to be able to do it all on his own. Frustrations arising from necessary parental assistance tend to be high and volatile. Which generally means that gluing anything is out of the question.

And so I give you, the glue-free conker spider, arguably the least stressful thing I’ve ever made with the sprogs and perfect both for Autumnal conker use and a pre-Halloween craft.

It’s incredibly straightforward, but I’ve put together a bit of a how-to below in case you’d like a bit more info…

What you’ll need:

conker spider supplies

For each spider you need a conker, a pair of adhesive googly eyes, two pipe cleaners.

What to do:

  1. Pull the backs off the googly eyes and stick into place.

conker eyes

2. Cut the pipe cleaners in half, to create four small pieces

pipe cleaners

3. Starting with two pipe cleaners, fold them over each other to make a cross

fold pipe cleanerspipe cleaners 2

Pipe cleaner fold

4. And then add in the last two cleaners so you’ve got a star. (If this is a bit fiddly for your child and they’re not keen to wait while you do it, you can also just pull them into a little bundle at the middle…)

Pipe cleaner foldPipe cleaner fold5. Fold over the very edges of the legs so that the spider will stand up

DIY conker spider

6. Using a small bit of sellotape, stick the legs onto the underside of the conker.

Finished conker spider

7. Repeat as many times as you like, until you have a small army of conker spiders taking over your house…

DIY spider conkersPretty straightforward, no? Do let me know if you have a go at this by leaving a comment below. And if you’ve got any tips for minimising child-crafting stress I’d love to hear them…