Our wedding

Did I mention I got married recently? Oh yes, in every single post I’ve written for about a month…

wedding bouquet
Made with my own fair hands

Well, hot on the heels of my honeymoon photos, here are a few snaps of my wedding, just in case anyone is interested.*

We didn’t use an official wedding photographer for our day. Partly because they are flipping expensive. Partly because we are incredibly lucky to have lots of friends who are amazing photographers and who were generous enough to share their time with us and take photos.

All photos in this post are by the incredibly talented Laura from Circle of Pine Trees, who somehow managed to juggle three children, a camera and being one of the most charming wedding guests ever created.

Me and the hubby
english wedding
A rare moment of calm from the sproglet

I should reassure you: we did actually have guests at our wedding as well, but I am always reticent to post photos of other people on the internet — especially photos of other people’s children — and being far too lazy to email everyone and ask their permission, I’ve just stuck to us and the sproglet.

The sproglet, I have to say, enjoyed the wedding about as much as he enjoyed the honeymoon. Not much. Normally pretty cheerful and laidback, he found the whole thing a bit overwhelming and we attempted to placate him with a constant bottle of milk.

Bouquet and baby
Bouquet and baby
wedding and baby
Juggling flowers and baby

I’m going to share a little bit more information next week as well on a few of the handmade elements of the day, so if you’re about to get married and are looking for some inspiration, do head back here then. If, on the other hand, you’ve got absolutely no interest in weddings then just avoid these parts for a week, but do come and visit me again in October, when normal non-wedmin service will resume.

wedding cake
Cake made by my sis and decorated with yet more of my Covent Garden Flower market flowers
wedding pies
We ate pies, and made these rather awesome pie flags ourselves
Wedding table names
Our home printed table names: more on these next week
wedding place markings
I stamped the place names onto luggage labels and we tied them to favour bags of fudge

*I do rather feel as if this blog has been veering into “what I did today and what I ate for tea” territory recently, which very much isn’t my intention (I’m simply not that interesting). But I promise, no major life events coming up now, so we’ll be returning to chat about fabric and making things and perhaps a bit of cooking too now that Autumn is here.

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