Busy Needles

It’s hard to admit this, even to myself, but I can’t foresee a huge amount of making things occurring over the next few months that we’re staying at my Mum’s while our house is a building site.

Busy Needles cover
I am not as busy as this woman

Sure, I packed a few bits and pieces in the optimistic hope that I would be able to work on some projects, but at the moment my sewing machine is still in its box on the kitchen floor while I ponder if there is anywhere to put it (there isn’t) and of course I’ve brought all the wrong wool for anything I want to knit and though I have a few secret projects packed and ferried over here, I’m not entirely sure exactly when the time for making them will present itself.

That’s not to say, however, that there isn’t plenty of inspiration and planning going on…

I was reacquainted with an ancient and rather fabulous collection of magazines called Busy Needles that my Mum subscribed to back in the ‘70s and ’80s.

Do you want to have a look? But of course you do…

All the magazines are bound together in this glorious folder, which, as you can see, is rather more tasteful and restrained than the covers of the magazines themselves.

Busy Needles magazine
Of course, the first magazine you’d turn to would be the one on the left

Inside is a treasure trove of delights. Some that I genuinely want to make. Others that just make chuckle…

The colours on this baby blanket are a little sugary sweet for me, but I love the look of the pattern:

Retro baby blanket pattern
I’m tempted to have a go at this blanket once I next pick up my knitting needles

And this fluffy jumper is so retro to be cool again (or at least, I certainly think so, but maybe that just shows me up…)

vintage jumper pattern
Would you wear this?

In non-knitting projects, putting aside the extreme amount of 1970s brown in this photo, the animal rug is something I would absolutely adore to make for the sproglet’s room:

Vintage children's rug pattern
Brown wood? Check. Brown basket? Check. Brown rug? Check. Must be the ’70s.

On the other hand, I can’t say I will be rushing to start on any of these projects quickly. Fancy painting some tigers onto your clothes? Nope, me neither…

Retro craft magazine
Perfect clothing for the English summer

…or how about this Valentine’s get up?…

Vintage knitting pattern
Looking more closely at the photo, I can see that it’s actually the accessories that are more hideous than the jumper, but still…

…though you surely couldn’t fail to be tempted by this pink blouse?

Vintage craft magazine
Even better, there was a batik pattern on the back.

By now, I’m sure you’re dying with jealousy and desperate to have a copy of Busy Needles for yourself. Fret not! A quick google has just shown me that you can buy the first seven editions on Amazon for a piffling price of, wait for it, £219!

My Mum’s clearly sitting on a treasure trove right here. I’m not sure I’ll tell her, though. Or at least, not until I’ve made a few of the projects anyway. First port of call, a sarong painted with tigers…

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