Print your own Christmas wrapping paper {and free printable}

Home-printed reindeer wrapping paper, free download reindeer wrappingI have to confess to suffering a little from blogger’s fatigue around Christmas time.

Scrolling through my feed on Bloglovin is a bit of a groundhog day experience. It starts sometime in November. Ah, a homemade advent calendar, another homemade advent calendar, oooh, that’s interesting, a homemade advent calendar.

And so on, through the month. Homemade wreath for the door. Mince pies. Christmas wish list. Homemade gift tags. Homemade baubles. Homemade wrapping paper.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyone isn’t making lovely homemade wotnots (nor that I’m not joining in myself, I too have shared most of these ideas/tutorials) it’s just that it ends up a little… …samey.

Anyway, all of this is perhaps the oddest intro in the world to say: hey, look at my homemade wrapping paper!

Home printed Christmas wrapping paper
My wrapping paper this year

If you’re not bored stiff with people telling you how they’ve gone about Christmas this year, then I’ve got my latest contribution to add to the pile: home printed wrapping paper.

I tried out the idea of printing my own paper a while ago, and was pretty pleased with the results, with the (rather large) caveat that it only works if you’re wrapping something small that fits inside A4 paper.

Home printed penguin Christmas wrapping paper
Perhaps I should have added a ribbon or something here…

This Christmas I’ve added a few more designs, one with a rather wonderful reindeer, one with a little Christmas tree of birds and one with some penguins.

Home printed Christmas wrapping paper
Christmas tree birds…
Home printed Christmas wrapping paper
…and the close up

The file is attached here, with all three designs, if you like them and fancy using them yourselves:

Download Christmas wrapping paper file

And if you prefer to make your own, there is a more detailed tutorial on my older post: print your own wrapping paper. (But basically: get a design. Copy across the page. Print.)

The illustrations are found, as usual, from the wonderful Graphics Fairy website.

So, advent calendar made, baubles made, decorations up (more on that tomorrow…) and now the presents are wrapped. Well, the three small presents that fit inside the A4 paper, anyway.

Pretty much the perfect time to sink into a mulled wine haze, isn’t it?

Three free Christmas wrapping paper downloads, including these reindeer | Wolves in London

Print your own wrapping paper

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most satisfying.

print your own wrapping paper
Why not?

I always find it really hard to find nice wrapping paper – and when I do, I’m then completely shocked at the cost of it. You frequently pay a fiver just to buy some paper to put a present in that will immediately get thrown into the bin once it’s unwrapped. (Don’t even get me started on the cost of cards…)

I used to get round the problem by saving wrapping paper on presents given to me and then reusing it. Now, I still think this is a good idea in principle (just think of the trees, man) but I fear not many others agree with me, and I end up looking like a bit of a cheapskate when friends unwrap presents and find old bits of sellotape still stuck to the inside of the twice used wrapping paper.

But while I was printing out nice images on paper to make my homemade gift box, it suddenly occurred to me that it would also be eminently possible to simply use the paper to wrap presents in the normal way as well.

So ever since then, if I have a small present to give someone, I just find a nice image and print it off to use as wrapping paper.

Print your own wrapping paper
Who wouldn’t want a present wrapped in camels? Or hats? Or leaves?

You couldn’t get a simpler how to than this…

1. Find an image you like. There is a wealth of images that are copyright free and available to use on sites like the Graphics Fairy, Vintage Printable and Clip Art etc.

If you like the ones I’ve used; my camel is from Clip Art etc, my leaves are from the Graphics Fairy and my hats are from Vintage Printable.

2. If the image you like is just a small one (like my camel) you can copy and paste a few onto one page. I use Powerpoint to do this (a deeply embarrassing confession, I know…) If the image is already as you want it, you can skip straight ahead to:

3. Print the image!

4. Wrap up present.

Homemade leaf wrapping paper
This leaf wrapping paper is my favourite of them all

I couldn’t resist adding my little teapot gift tag again, which you might recognise from my experiments with shrink plastic. (Well, I say I “couldn’t resist” adding it, it would be slightly more accurate to say that it was still sewn onto the ribbon which I decided to use and it seemed a lot easier to re-use it than cut it off…)

Homemade leaf wrapping paper
The image is particularly beautiful: a depiction of various different identified leaves

I should say, unless you’ve got an industrial size printer (or utilise one in your office, a trick I used to do a lot until I found myself on maternity leave) you’re obviously only going to get an A4 sheet out of this, which is only big enough for quite small presents.

As the printer paper is a lot thicker than usual wrapping paper, this also works a lot better on square shaped presents, where you can fold in straight lines.

The environmentalist in me wants to print the wrapping paper onto the reverse side of all the various junk mail we get, with endless offers of estate agents wanting to sell our house. However, I suspect that adds a cheapskate element to any present that would be even greater than re-using some other wrapping paper.

Homemade hat wrapping paper
I’ve only just realised I clearly have a thing for different artefacts all labelled. Instead of leaves, this time hats

{Regular readers will notice absolutely nothing new in this photo above. I’ve used the hat image before as an envelope liner when I was making my own bookplates. And there’s also a how to for stamping your own gift tags.}

So, there you have it. Simple, cheap and an infinite number of options to create absolutely any wrapping paper that you can think of… This really was one of those “why didn’t I think of that before?” moments.

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