All I want for Christmas

Somewhere around the time I hit 30, I started to become a bit mercenary with presents. No longer for me the joy of surprises, waiting to see what someone would get you, hoping that one of the things on your secret wish list might be wrapped up in that shiny paper and ribbon. Nope. I started emailing my family with a list of stuff that I’d like, including direct links to the product and instructions like “I would like this exact one please, in red, not the black one…”

(One year I had a particular yen for a red metal tool box from B&Q. My brother quite fancied getting me a tool box, but thought this red one was outrageously naff and he wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to buy it. He asked if he could get a better one instead. Something sturdier. With more space for tools. An easier opening action. I said no.)

Okay, I sound like a vile person now, I realise, but after a certain amount of birthdays and Christmasses, you’ve actually already got a lot of stuff that you need and it’s only the odd thing left that’s missing. I always love being given something handmade, or a present that someone has spent ages carefully choosing, but if my family haven’t been hit by inspiration then I reckon a list of stuff that I would appreciate and use is probably a good starting point…

This year, though, I’ve already informed my family that I am making all of their presents. So, I didn’t really think I could send out an email of demands requests for them to spend their hard-earned cash on me.

Instead, dear blog readers, I’m sharing it with you. If there’s anyone out there looking to get me something gorgeous, look no further, this is my definitive list. Oh, okay, chances are you’re probably not buying something for me, but hopefully this might provide a little bit of inspiration to anyone who is stuck for ideas this December time.

Christmas wish list from Wolves in London
Lots of lovely lovely things I’d like for Christmas, pretty please

Clockwise from top left

JUST moccasin slippers: I bought my other half a pair of men’s JUST sheepskin slippers from John Lewis for his birthday recently. I tried them on when they arrived. Now I want my own pair.

After a few not hugely successful attempts at fabric printing, my next stop is to try proper screen printing. So, to go to a one day screen printing workshop at Print Club London would be ideal. (Annoyingly, it’s in Dalston, which I used to live right next to for seven whole years and I’ve only discovered this class since I moved to the other side of London. Life, hey?)

I’d love an annual National Trust membership. Though I’d have to make sure I used it. I had one for a year before and, ahem, never actually went to a single building…

For a long time, all my heart desired was a glass cake dome. Then I was lucky enough to be given one for my last birthday by a particularly thoughtful and internet adept three-month-old son. Now, my heart desires a matching Sagaform cheese dome.  This, I believe, is a thing of great beauty.

I used to own this exact Roberts radio in this beautiful duck egg blue. When I went travelling, I remember asking my Mum to look after it until I could get its battery fixed. She remembers me asking her to throw it away because it’s battery needed fixing. So that was the end of my radio. Very sad story, I know, but the main point is, I need a new one…

I think this is the most brilliant idea: a national art pass. You get free entry to lots of small museums and galleries around the country (including the Dulwich Picture Gallery, which is just up the road from me) and 50 per cent off many of their exhibitions.

Another screen printing help, I would adore to get a copy of the Print Liberation Screen Printing Primer in my stocking this year.

Yes, I already have a sewing book which probably contains all the same information as this Merchant & Mills sewing book. Is it anywhere near as beautiful though? No.

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