Knitted Christmas ornaments

Those of you on the knitting website Ravelry, have you discovered the “neighbours” page?

This brilliant widget is one of my favourite things on the site. It pulls up a list of other users who have made the same projects as you, or queued the same patterns. As soon as I add another project, one of the first things I do is check my “neighbours” to see if anyone new has been added.

The reason it’s so addictive is that people who’ve made a lot of the same things as you probably have similar taste, so it’s a great way of browsing other patterns, seemingly randomly, but with a high chance they’ll be things you want to make too. I’ve lost hours looking through the projects of some of my neighbours – and we all know that spending hours adding projects to an increasingly long Ravelry queue is almost exactly the same as actually making them, right? (Ditto, of course, my Pinterest I could make that board.)

I was cheerfully catching up on some new neighbours who had appeared in my list the other day when I found the most wonderful idea for a Christmas decoration. Someone had knitted a gorgeous little pair of Christmas socks and put them inside a glass bauble. She’s also posted about it on her blog, so go and take a look: Handmade ornament.

This gave me a good idea for one cute and (hopefully) quick Christmas present for my homemade Christmas plan. I will make everyone in my family a tiny knitted Christmas related thing (socks? these mice? something completely different?) and then buy a set of clear glass baubles (I am hoping Poundland will sell some) and put them inside. Everyone will get one bauble, and all together it will make a whole set.

So, what should I knit to go inside the baubles? Let me know any ideas you have by posting in the comments.

Knitted Christmas bables

One thought on “Knitted Christmas ornaments

  1. I think you should go with those knitted mice, they’re really cute! Love the idea — I might try and make some myself if I have time before Christmas…

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