My lovely new header

You’ve probably noticed my lovely new header, sitting there looking gorgeous right up above this blog post.

The illustration is by an amazing artist called Paola Zakimi. Here’s a bigger look at it, so you can really admire the full glory:

Wolves in London illustration

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been looking for vintage wolf images for my blog header, but not meeting with any success (due to the rather grizzly portrayal of the poor old wolf…)

Then in my Googling I stumbled across this amazing print of a girl wearing a wolf mask on Etsy. I emailed Paola, the owner of the shop, and it turned out she could make me my very own wolf illustration. The beauty of which you can see right here, any time you drop by my blog. I know. Amazing.

She also made me a fabulous logo, which you can see on my About me page.

If you like these, take a look at Paola’s Etsy shop, Holli, where she sells prints of her amazing illustrations. Or visit her website for more info about her.

Thanks so much Paola!

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