Counting sheep: the art of sleep

Sleep’s been on my mind a lot recently. I haven’t been getting any. I miss it.

Vintage image child sleeping
This looks like a very nice night to me indeed… I think this image would be lovely printed onto a baby’s sleepsuit as well. Watch this space, I might well get round to it one day…

It’s down to the baby.

I try not to witter on too much about baby things on this blog.

I know how tedious it is to listen to parents of babies tell you every last detail about their sleeping / eating / pooing routine as if this were a topic of conversation that you, too, would find just as enthralling. And you feign interest with an “oh really” and tilt of the head as they tell you how their baby’s pooing face differs from its thinking face, but secretly your brain has switched off long ago and is thinking of all that lovely vodka you can drink as a non-parent, and all those late nights you can enjoy, followed by long, luxurious lie-ins the next day.

So, I won’t bore you with all the baby sleeping details, except to say: he’s not.

But my lack of sleep has led me to think longingly about it and search out these rather gorgeous sleep related prints and products, which I’ll share with you instead of details as to how many times I’ve been up in the night.

Sleep. It’s beautiful, I tell you.

Go to Sleep!

Go to sleep poster
Yes indeed, go to sleep!

I love this Go to Sleep! poster. It’s a Letterpress print, from the Etsy shop Type A Press. I’m all over anything Letterpressed or screen printed at the moment, especially if it uses nice typography. So, really, this couldn’t be more appealing.

(I don’t actually know the song it’s referencing, though. Instead, going round my head is “Go to sleep little baby” as sung in O Brother Where Art Thou? Love that song.)

You can buy it here: Go to Sleep poster.

Japanese Baby Song

Japanese baby song
You didn’t think I’d have a post like this without some vintage images, did you? Of course not, you know me too well for that.

This slightly angry Japanese Baby Song print is from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, one of my favourite places online to lose a couple of hours…

The baby and the mother both look a bit cross to me, but the surrounding illustration is just beautiful.

Sleeping fox cushion

Sleeping fox cushion
I feel sleepy just looking at this pair

Far more relaxing is this sleeping fox cushion from Etsy shop Erinnies. Another delicious shop with loads of lovely screen printed products. If you like this sort of thing as much as I do, I recommend a browse.

You can buy the cushion here: sleeping fox pillow.

Good night, sleep tight poster

Good night, sleep tight poster
Beautiful, isn’t it?

Another hand printed poster from Etsy, this is from the shop Roll & Tumble Press.

I’m not sure which I like more, the poster itself (that is the moon illustration from all my childhood books, I’m sure) or the vintage ephemera styling the front of the photo. Oh, to own that clock!

You can buy the poster, though sadly not the other bits and bobs, from Etsy here: Good night, sleep tight poster.

Rock me to sleep print

Rock me to sleep poster
Play your gentle soothing lullaby again, Mama

I just had to include this vintage poster because I thought it was so hilarious. “Rock me to sleep, Mother.” No wonder the children aren’t sleeping when the mother sits around at the piano like this. I’m sure they’re all up until midnight eating sugar straight from the bag. What a brilliantly chaotic mother this woman appears to be.

Image found again through NYPL digital gallery.

Sleeping dachshund necklace

Sleeping dog necklace
If you feel like something was missing in your life, it was most probably this: a sleeping dachshund necklace

Finally, as someone who thought it was a good idea to make a lobster necklace, this item pleases me deeply. A necklace, with a sleeping dachshund on it, made in bronze. What more is there to say?!

This is by Anna Siivonen, also available from Etsy: sleeping dachshund necklace.

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6 thoughts on “Counting sheep: the art of sleep

  1. Sorry to hear you are lacking sleep … I am sympathetic to your plight … it will get easier though … as mum to 3 little ones I know they will sleep properly in the end … so don’t despair … gorgoeous finds … I love the moon print and the fox cushion … they are lovely … enjoy your weekend … Bee xx

  2. I am 72 years old – raised 3 kids and usually ran 4 hours of sleep a night.That was awful…. My dear mother-in-law gave me this tip and my mom seconded the suggestion. Brew up mild chamomile tea. Dilute with 1/4 Cup water. Shake well in bottle. No way with first child. I followed all “the books” with him The second was a screamer – she drank lots of ‘the tea” and would pass gas; load her diaper and sleep through the night!!!!! My third boy loved chamomile so much , that he is 38 and still drinks it.

  3. Thank you for featuring my letterpress Go To Sleep poster! I’m a mother of two and that is the main reason I won’t have anymore kids…the lack of sleep is killer! The lyric is from a song by The Avett Brothers, the title is actually Go To Sleep, be warned if you listen the lyrics may get stuck in your head!

    Chelsey (Type A Press)

    1. It’s so beautiful, I loved everything in your shop!

      Yes, the lack of sleep is a killer. I think I just need to hang that poster above the baby’s bed…

      I must search out the actual song too.

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