Late again, late again and a travel dream

Ever feel like you’ve turned up to the party a day late when everyone else has already started cleaning up?

That’s me at the moment.

Or perhaps, I’ve turned up and can see everyone else inside having fun, but they’re being too loud to hear me frantically ringing on the doorbell…

You see, I keep finding out about these amazing blog events I’d love to join in with. But I always hear about them a little too late to do anything about it… First was the Knitting and Crochet blog week, hosted by Eskimimi Makes. I missed that one by a few days and it looked like lots of fun. Now, on May 10th, I’ve just seen Rosalilium’s Blog every day in May. That would have been fun too!

I need to mark up my calendar now for next year…

But, just for today, I am going to join in. Today’s topic was “travel dream” and, frankly, dreaming about travel is something that takes up at least 60 per cent of my brainpower every day.

At the moment, my biggest travel dream is to return to Borneo, where I took a two week holiday last year. Incredible place.

I took this photo in an orangutan rehabilitation centre.

Orangutan copyright Wolves in London
It was all I could do not to take him home with me

You want to go there too, now, don’t you?

7 thoughts on “Late again, late again and a travel dream

  1. awww, he’s too cute:)

    I can totally relate to that feeling. Not only that I see all those fun blog events, but don’t have time to join in (like MeMadeMay for instance), but also those events I could join, but somehow end up finding out about when it’s way too late, like usually all London blogger meet ups. Meh. Someone please make me a big fat blogger diary with all the fun dates in it?

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