Back to business: card holders

Something feels wrong this Monday. Oh, wait, I know what it is… …it’s not a Bank holiday. Sob, sob.

Somehow the three-day weekend last week felt like a miniature holiday, whereas the weekend we’ve just had was more like a rushed work lunch break. Two whole days passed so quickly that I don’t really know what happened to them.

Still, enough moaning, I’m going to show you what I managed to produce with the few productive couple of hours I spent sewing on Friday night.

For today, these cute business card holders.

Business card holder | Wolves in London
Haven’t you always wanted an octopus business card holder?

You remember I got my first ever Wolves in London business cards a few weeks ago? Okay, I’ve still only managed to hand out one. The rest are sitting in a rather beautiful pile on my mantelpiece, where I admire them at least 20 times a day.

They’re so gorgeous, I couldn’t bear to put any in my wallet in case they got dirty or – worse – crumpled! So, I really needed some means of transporting them around, otherwise I would never give any out to anyone ever.

Business card holder | Wolves in London
Quite neat stitching down the side (for me anyway…)

I found a great tutorial for sewing a business card holder from the Crafty Cupboard, which I basically followed to the letter. I didn’t sew on the button and elastic because I forgot thought it wasn’t necessary…

The blue one is made from some beautiful Japanese fabric that I bought when I was living in Hong Kong. I wish I knew where to get some more because it’s running out now.

Business card holder | Wolves in London
Cunningly cropped photo so you can’t see the stitching mess in the bottom right corner. Oh, I mean, so you can better admire the flower on the front
Business card holder | Wolves in London
Orange flower carefully lined up on the inside.
Business card holder | Wolves in London
The sweet butterfly fabric is also from Japan, bought in the same HK shop.
Business card holder | Wolves in London
Just one last look at the fabric

The octopus one is from my own octopus fabric, lined with lobster fabric I made from a Graphics Fairy image…

Business card holder | Wolves in London
Just as subtle and restrained! Erm, not.
Business card holder | Wolves in London
Lobster lobster lobster lobster… Just what you want on the inside, no?
Business card holder
I’ve got to say, there are far too many animals in this picture. I think I might need to make myself another version with a slightly tamer inside…

Incidentally, I didn’t originally set out to make two – I spent a while making the first dark blue one, carefully lining up all the flowers to the right places and so on, only to discover that it was too small for my business cards once I’d finished it. Ah well…

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7 thoughts on “Back to business: card holders

  1. Pretty!! Don’t worry, next band holiday is coming up soooon 🙂

    The hongkong fabric is beautiful, but hehe, i did not recognise the flower at first. I seriously thought it was a rather fat but terribly cute chicken 😀

  2. I like the octopus / lobster one better anyway! But I might be a little biased! nothing like a home sewn business card holder, i lost my last one so need to make a new one, I am currently deciding on the fabric, yipppeee!

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