Hello world!

I’m back! Did you miss me?!

I had my full day of horticulture exams on Monday, so revision time is over and I’ve emerged, blinking, into the sun, like a little mole reappearing after a winter of hibernation. (Disclaimer: previous sentence may not be factually accurate. I’m not that sure that moles do hibernate, nor, in fact, could I really be described as particularly similar to a mole…)

My exams were harder than I was expecting, but hurroo hurray, they’re all over now and normal life can resume. A life where I don’t feel obliged to spend every second of free time reading up about fertilisers or how to T-bud a rose…

So normal blog posting will recommence this week, with all the half-written posts I’ve had sitting in my drafts for the past month. Oh, I’ll probably try and finish them first though.

I have to confess, though, it’s not all been revision revision revision over the last few weeks.

I went out elderflower picking a fortnight ago and made some lovely cordial (recipe to follow one day this week):

They’re so very frothy, aren’t they?

I amused myself hugely putting my partner’s sunglasses on my baby for a father’s day card. (The card read: When I grow up, Dad, I want to be just like you…)

Wearing Daddy's sunglasses
I know I’m biased, but this photo is too cute for words… I’m telling myself that his face is mostly covered by the sunglasses so it’s okay to put it up online, but really I just can’t resist sharing it

And I massively neglected all the plants in my garden and house, but some of them managed to pull through, nonetheless, including these glorious cornflowers. (No time for gardening when you’re revising for gardening exams!)

Jolly, jolly cornflowers. Oh how I love the summer months

Oh, and I managed to squeeze a bout of food poisoning in there too, but that’s not a particularly photogenic event…

So, tell me, what have I missed since while I’ve been gone?

7 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Just glad your back. You only missed something if you stopped adding other’s blogs (mine?). If you are the expert now should we shower you with gardening questions?

  2. Missed you … good to see you back … your little man is a cutie … you haven’t missed much I don’t think … love the elderflowers and cornflower … that blue is beautiful … Bee xx

    1. I was wondering could I pick your brains … as your garden knowledge is way superior to mine … I have been asked what the climber is in my latest nature in the home post … and quite frankly I haven’t a clue! … The flowers are as the photo and it has red stems. The leaves are green and heart shaped … with red edges … it is very rampant and grows on a trellis … do you have any idea? I would love to find out and add it to my post with a link back to you if you know … Bee xx

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