A photo a day: August 15th

Cucamelons and radishes
Cucamelons and a couple of radishes that were made into a delicious salad last night

For those who remember the sad story of the asparagus pea (I’ve heard talk of support groups being set up around the country to help gardeners deal with the crushing disappointment of an asparagus pea crop), I bring you cheerful news.

These amazing cucamelons, in the photo above, were started from seed at the same time and have been a huge success.

For a start, these weird little vegetables (fruits?) look gorgeous. As promised on the packet, they really do look like tiny little grape-sized watermelons. Secondly, and arguably more importantly, they also taste gorgeous. Mostly like cucumber, but with a definite suggestion of something a little sweeter and more fruity.

I also think they’re going to give a reasonable crop. I’ve got seven plants and I would guess that the amount you see in the bowl above is probably going to be a quarter, or even less, of the overall harvest.

And it’s worth mentioning how easy they’ve been to grow and how little care they’ve needed. They’ve cheerfully colonised the greenhouse and are growing cheek by jowl with the tomatoes, both plants seeming perfectly happy with the arrangement.

So anyone on the look out for some unusual veg to grow next year: I heartily recommend the mighty cucamelon.

Joining in with the August break, a photo a day for the whole of the month.

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