Late summer wedding flowers

Have I mentioned that I’m getting married in a few weeks? Oh yes, I have. About six gazillion times.

summer wedding flowers
My dining room closely resembles a florists at the moment…

In a classic “how hard can it really be?” moment, I decided that it would be a good idea to arrange all my own wedding flowers. Actually, I had originally planned to grow them, transport them and arrange them myself, but the 60 white snap dragon plants that I’d been nurturing since spring all flowered six weeks ago, so that was the end of the grow-it-myself plan. Enter new plan: buy wholesale, drive to Shropshire and then arrange. Simple!

So on Wednesday this week, I set my alarm for 3.30am and cajoled my Mum into driving me to the new Covent Garden flower market in Vauxhall, to do a trial run of the wedding flower plans. My dining room currently resembles a florists shop, as you can see from the photo above…

Some of the stalls at the market will actually deliver if you’re based in London, so I won’t have to brave such a ridiculously early start two days before the wedding which is excellent news. (Huge bags to my cheekbones isn’t quite the fresh faced wedding look I’m after.)

But of course, I need to try out some plans for my bouquets, table flowers and buttonholes in advance. Firstly to make sure they work and secondly to figure out how many of each flower I’m going to need.

I’m a fan of British flowers, or at least flowers which have been grown in this country, so I really wanted to go for some seasonal blooms that look (almost) as if I might have grown them in my own garden.

I thought I’d share my finds with you, in case anyone else is looking for inspiration for flowers from late Summer too…

Poppy seed heads

poppy seed head

First up, these absolutely stunning poppy seed heads. Big, bold, architectural and interesting, I think I’m going to put a few in my bouquet and save some for table flowers as well. I’m also going to make sure I hold onto them afterwards and let the seeds ripen so I can hopefully collect them and sow them in my own garden.

Flowering mint

flowering mint

What more can you say about flowering mint? It’s mint, it smells beautiful. And the flowers are really delicate and cottage gardeny, which is my favourite sort of look…



I love the spikiness and wildness of the thistles. Along with the gorgeous blue colour too. You may notice, there’s mostly a blue and white theme going on here.



I have to admit, I know little about lisianthus, but I’m hoping that they’ll be able to stay out of water long enough to take a good central place in my bouquet. The colour on these is so vibrant it lifts the more muted blues and whites of the other flowers. But the thing I love even more is the spiralled purple and white of the closed buds. Gorgeous.

White snapdragons


Well, I had to have some white snapdragons. I adore these plants. When we were little, we always picked the flowers off and made them “talk”… I’m going to have some of these spiralling out of the bouquet as well as quite a few in the table arrangements as well.

Wax flowers

wax flower

These are not only beautiful, but the piney stems smell heavenly and they last for ages out of water. I’m using some sprays of these as buttonholes (along with lavender from my garden), quite a few will go into the bouquet and they will also go into the table jars. And even then, I’ll probably have armfuls of the stuff left over from the bunch I’m buying as you get a lot for your money!



They’re cabbages. I love that.



A really bright blue colour, these also seem slow to open their buds, which makes them perfect for keeping for a few days before they need to show off.



Best flower name ever? Known as the star of the Bethlehem, this is white and green with dark black centres. I’d never come across it before, but it might be making it onto my list of top flowers ever… I’ll just be using one in the bouquet and probably will dedicate a few to the table arrangements as well.

I spent yesterday afternoon trying out different table arrangements, planning the buttonholes and practicing the bouquet. But this post is already super long, so I’ll save that for tomorrow…

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10 thoughts on “Late summer wedding flowers

  1. I am so jealous of your photos. But then I’m a sucker for flowers especially if they are blue. I assume will will get to see all of this in its final form even though you will be a little busy. I picture you scurrying around the wedding with a camera strap around your neck!

  2. Your flowers will be beautiful … I love how flowers will always remind you of your special day … I adore celosia, freesias and orchids and they all featured in my wedding flowers … and the cabbages are brilliant … they were everywhere while we where on honeymoon in Canada so of course I had to have some for pots by my front door when we returned home … looking forward to seeing your trial bouquets … Bee xx

  3. They are going to be amazing. I’m planning on doing my own flowers too. Will be pinning this combination on my Pinterest board for inspiration. So much fun!

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