It’s been a gloriously sunny few days here in London, but I’ve been rather too gone in pig to venture far out of the front door.

Instead, afternoons have been spent lazing in the garden.*

There’s a little spot where I like to sit on a tiny brick wall underneath my lovely acer tree. I always head here first, cup of tea in hand, to look up at the blue sky…

Acer | Wolves in LondonAcer | Wolves in London

The plum blossom is over now, but the apples are just starting to come out. I love the pink little buds before the flower unfurls.

apple blossom | Wolves in LondonBlossom | Wolves in LondonAnd the clematis is looking especially glorious at the moment.

Clematis | Wolves in LondonI think this must be my favourite time of year in the garden; everything just waking up and looking fresh and new, ready for the summer ahead. Thank heavens for sunny spring days, long may this good weather last…

Joining in with How Does Your Garden Grow.

*I say lazing, a more accurate representation would be to imagine me sitting, prone, on a blanket and issuing a series of requests / instructions / shrieks at the sproglet along the lines of, “please don’t run by the pond,” “don’t dig in that flower bed where I’ve just planted seeds,” “please don’t pick up that giant paving slab and drop it on your foot” etc etc. before lugging my giant body off the floor to go to the loo for the hundredth time that hour…

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5 thoughts on “Outside

  1. All things Bright and Beautiful! What a glorious view from where to sit, allbeit prone. It’s walays fraught when little ones are running about in the garden, now Kitty and Oz are 4 and 6 years old I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to have to keep a constant eagle eye on them. The end to the gazillion pees per day has to be in sight soon surely ? x
    (Thank you for joining in again)

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