Garden moodboard: May

No brain power for much chat today, with a one-week-old newborn, but I did manage to pop out into the garden yesterday morning to gather some flowers for my May moodboard…

Garden moodboard May

(For once) I’ll just let the photos do the talking….


The bluebells are on their last legs now but have been brightening the garden for a good six weeks
A lovely bright pink geranium
Rock rose
The rock rose I planted in the front garden after we moved in is doing very well, it’s covered in a huge spray of flowers
Grass seed heads
The grass seeds in the front garden always look beautiful at this time of year.
If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you might remember that there were more than 30 rhododendrons and azaleas when we moved in. We brutally dug most of them out, but I still have four or five dotted around the place. This one is my favourite…


Apple blossom
Last month, the plum tree was covered in blossom. This month has been all about the glorious pink buds on the apple trees. Almost all gone now, but I am hoping for a good harvest later in the year…
Rose bud
A bright pink rose bud
Yellow poppy
These colourful yellow poppies appear all over the place, self-seeding with wild abandon. Luckily, I love them…
Finally, this delicate little flower is a saxifrage. I had mounds of it last year, though it’s not looking quite so happy this spring… It probably didn’t like the really wet winter.

This marks a full year since I started taking these photos. Interesting to compare this warm spring with what was in flower this time last year.

Joining in with Karin A.

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11 thoughts on “Garden moodboard: May

  1. Congratulations on your new-born! I don’t think I’ve ever seen yellow poppies before – they’re delightful. We’re surrounded by red ones but There’s too much breeze to take a decent photograph.

  2. Lovely. I lost all my Rhododendron when selling my old house, don’t know if they are blooming yet, but when they did last year it was fantastic.

  3. Lovely moodboard! Our bluebells have only just come out, they seem really behind everyone elses. Congratulations on the arrival of your little one 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your little arrival. I hope you enjoy the garden and the sunshine with them. I can’t seem to link my blog to Karin’s anymore, says my link thingy has expired apparently! I have more like! Love your pictures, my roses are a dream. Wish I had a smell button on computer to send you a new born bouquet. Fx

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