Urban Jungle Bloggers: plants and art


Urban Jungle Bloggers: plants and artI’m sure you’ve all come across Urban Jungle Bloggers, a monthly series about living with plants, organised by Igor and Judith, that aims to:

“highlight the beauty and benefits of houseplants and other greeneries in urban spaces.”

As you know, I’m something of a plant fanatic, so the only surprise is that it’s taken me so long to join in. *

This month, the topic is plants and art and I had planned to get my little bathroom plant crew (a few ferns and lovers of low-light) and photograph them with some of my old botanical illustrations.

But yesterday, I bought this little beauty as a birthday present for sister and just couldn’t resist photographing it before I hand it over to its new home.

String of hearts plantIt’s called string of hearts (Latin name: Ceropegia woodii) and, oh my goodness, it is an absolute stunner. I didn’t know it before (I’m not wildly up on houseplants, it has to be said) but it stopped me in my tracks when I went into the flower shop originally to try and buy a small succulent in a terracotta pot. I couldn’t resist.

The glorious little marbled heart-shaped leaves spaced out on a long string-like stem makes it just beg for an old pot and a position on a high shelf, where it can cascade down appealingly.

Ceropegia woodii leaf

I found an Alys Fowler piece about it on the Guardian which says it’s super easy to care for and not too fussy about light levels, fluctuating temperatures or high humidity. (So, potentially, good for a bathroom or kitchen.)

Pretty to look at and easy to care for: basically my idea of the perfect houseplant.

Maltese statue

As for the “art,” hem hem, this is a little replica statue I bought on holiday in Malta a few years back. I’m sure I’m showing my ignorance by no longer having any recollection of what exactly it is replicating. But I have always loved her tiny head and fat thighs. Beauty in all shapes and all that…

So, that’s my contribution. Do head over to Urban Jungle Bloggers to see more, or take a look at the #urbanjunglebloggers hashtag on instagram. I can already tell I will be enjoying taking part in this monthly challenge hugely.

But now, I think, I must run back to the flower shop and buy one of these string of hearts plants for myself. I think I’m just going to miss it too much once I give this one away.

*Actually, if you’re a regular reader, you probably won’t be in the slightest surprised, knowing that my To Do list is generally six pages longer than my “Done” list, ha ha.


9 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers: plants and art

  1. It’s fantastic, I love it. I’m a big fan of indoor plants as well, used to have dozens of them. Off to read Alys Fowler’s article now, big fan of hers as well. CJ xx

  2. Welcome to UJB! Such a lovely contribution and what a plant you have to show. I want the same!!! It’s insane that you can buy one so long and established:)

  3. ooh realy beautiful blog post,The green color brings out the warmth of the room. You may buy this great plant online or from the flower and plant dealers. thanks for more information in this site.

  4. ok bonjour je posede un seropegia woodii depuis pas mal d annes et il se trous qu il ma donnes de graines ! que j ais j ais fait germmes elles sont nee quelle jois quante ons vois le prix que sa coute ? je voudres metrs des photos pour vous montres c ette belle plante qui a des des pouse de plus de trois maitres oui j ais bien dit trois maitres

  5. I have also 2 species of this rosary vine,one is green and other is pink.They do not like too much water.Now the pinky one is very long about 4 feet.The beautiful tiny string of heart,I like that very much.

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