Wolf & Ink Christmas card giveaway

Mixed box.jpg

I mentioned on Friday that I’ve been working with my sister recently for her wonderful Letterpress stationery company, Wolf & Ink.

I somehow completely forgot to mention that we’re running a giveaway, starting this week, to win a box of Christmas cards. And wouldn’t it be nice if one of my lovely readers here was one of the winners?!

Five people will win a box of hand printed Christmas cards, all designed and printed by Julia on Gertrude, her vintage Letterpress machine.

Wolf & Ink Reindeer In The Snow 02.JPG

You can enter on any of the Wolf & Ink social media accounts (or all three, if you want to make three entries), by following the account, sharing the comp with someone else and letting us know which cards you’d like to win!

The deadline is midnight on Friday November 27th (aka Black Friday); we’ll select five winners at random the following Monday and ship your cards out poste haste so you’re ready to send them out in December…

If you fancy joining in (and, really, why wouldn’t you, ha ha?) then just head directly to the competition posts here:

This post on Instagram

This tweet on Twitter

And this post on Facebook.

Wolf & Ink_Christmas Dinner Cards_01.JPG

And if you just fancy buying some cards, then head over to the online shop where you can see all these designs and more: www.wolfandink.co.uk/shop.

Happy festive preparations, friends! Hope this week has been a good one for you and you’ve all sorts of lovely things planned for the weekend…

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