Tulip | Wolves in LondonYou may have noticed I’ve been having a little (unintentional) blogging hiatus recently… A combo of me being unwell, the kids being unwell and then a lot of work for my garden design course has meant I’ve had very little free time on my hands.

And instead of feeling constantly guilty that I should really crack on and get a new blog post up here, I’ve decided to make it an official and just take a little break until things are back to normal.

So, tara for now, but I’ll be back soon once we’re all better rested and I’ve met a few course deadlines…

Til then, enjoy the start of Spring!

5 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I think blogging too often is worse than sporadically. Some bloggers I get email from post 3 times a week and although I like their content, it’s just too much to read – hello, I’m only human! So enjoy your downtime and hope you feel better soon.

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