Five on Friday

Path to the beachTall grasses in SicilyNoto cathedralNoto street, Sicily Noto rooftops, Sicily One of my all-time favourite blogs to read is CJ’s Above the River. She’s a brilliant writer, witty and wry, and her glimpses of family conversations never fail to amuse me. I particularly enjoy the weekly Friday posts, joining in with Amy’s series Five on Friday, and thought I would join in myself with a little rambling about five things from the week just been. So here goes…

  1. I discovered a few more photos I’d taken on our Sicily hol in my hubby’s phone this morning. The path and huge grasses lead to a hidden cove, a nature reserve with the most turquoise sea and white sand.  The town of reddish stone is Noto, right down in the southeastern corner of the island, mentioned in passing in our guidebooks and one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever visited. As we arrived, there was a Vespa parade through the main (pedestrianised) street, accompanied by much horn-honking and cheering. The scooters were all adorned with signs, proclaiming which local Vespa club they belonged to, and there were so many that the whole thing too a good ten minutes to go past us. I longed, once more, to live in Italy always.
  2. The reason the pics weren’t on my own phone, is that it’s properly given up the ghost. 18 months of manhandling by the sproglets has meant my camera is so ingrained with dirt and greasy smears that every photo I take looks as if it’s been sprinkled in sand and a dollop of vaseline. My contract has finally expired and I’m due an upgrade, but am busy debating whether I can really justify adding an extra £20 a month to my phone bill in order to get the massive iPhone 6s. Any thoughts?
  3. Said lack of phone camera has led to an enforced instagram break which, rather to my surprise, I have found completely liberating. I realise that I’d got a bit negatively addicted to instagram, checking it first thing in the morning, constantly scrolling through feeds of artfully styled flowers and floral scissors and Observer guides, and feeling a perennial pressure to be taking photographs as beautiful as those that everyone else seemed capable of. A few months off has been a good breather and I have a determination not to get so sucked back in once I finally return.
  4. I was out on Wednesday night at the launch party for 91 magazine, for which my friend Laura is the deputy editor. I had a lovely time, though had that thing when you’re in a room with lots of bloggers, where you’re not sure if you recognise people’s faces from seeing them online or because you’ve met them before. I swung between wondering if I was being anti-social by not saying hello to more people, or being a bit crazed fan-stalkerish chatting to people who had no clue who I was. Perhaps both at once?!
  5. I’m rather sunburnt as I sit writing this, after spending a day at Capel Manor, Enfield, yesterday, surveying a garden for our next garden assignment. The task ahead of me today is to draw up the plan on the computer, something that hurts my head severely every time. I’m trying to teach myself Vectorworks, the CAD program of choice for garden design, but it’s a slow, complex process, that frequently ends with me shouting at my laptop or slamming it closed in a huff. There is a special sort of rage, I find, reserved for technology that is supposed to make your life easier, but that instead complicates the most basic tasks.

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments Sabrina, it’s great to see you joining in with Five on Friday. Gorgeous photos of Sicily, it looks wonderful there. The launch party sounds good, it’s nice to spend time with people with similar interests isn’t it. I have the cheapest phone on the planet so I’m probably not the best person to ask about iphones. I tend to carry my DSLR everywhere with me instead. I hope you have a good weekend. Good luck with the technology, I know exactly what you mean about the special kind of rage. It’s that feeling of wanting to hurl the computer through a plate glass window. CJ xx

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. The photographs look wonderful. I dare not go on Instagram. I just know I’ll become addicted and spend even more – instead of less – time online. Hope the sunburn clears up quickly!

  3. Such beautiful photos, obviously a beautiful place to visit. This will no doubt make you smile but I don’t own a phone at all I only have a land line although my husband does and we are usually together. My daughters have all tried to talk me into having one but I don’t feel the need. Try some Aloe Vera for the sunburn it should soothe it and cool it down.

  4. I love CJ’s blog too! She is a great writer! I keep seeing 91 magazine on blogs, but haven’t tracked down a copy yet, I must get one!! I hope you sort out the phone thing, I have only been on IG for a few months and yes, I can see the addiction, my photos are never going to be like some I see though so I don’t worry! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday. I hope you have a great weekend! xx

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