The big move: an update

Blue glass windowHello, hello! I write to you from the other side of endless box packing and unpacking and moving out of one house and (sort of) into two others…

I was going to give you a blow-by-blow account of the hellish ins and outs of the two moves from last week and the week before, but perhaps it’s best to draw a veil over it all and just focus on what’s ahead.

Sitting room Bay window

Suffice to say, we did manage to get all our stuff out of our old house in the end (a day late, thanks to our removal men, so it was a big relief we had decided to move out a week before completion!)

And now most of our shiz is in our rental house, and almost completely unpacked, hoorah. And a few other bits of our shiz (fridge, washing machine, kitchen table – the things that are already here in the rental) are sitting in our new house just where they are supposed to be. And, even more excitingly, we’re meeting the builder there tomorrow morning to run through all the structural stuff that he’s going to start working on on Monday.

So, fingers crossed, within a month or so, it will be a house that is no longer subsiding!

Kitchen Bedroom

Meanwhile, we also have architects working on designs for planning permission for the attic extension, and I have my brain running through all the plans for the other gazillion things we’ll need to do before we move in.

Anyway, I wandered around the new place on completion day, snapping some pics with evidence of how it is currently. I think the term is “potential” right?!

But the ceilings are high, the windows are huge, and there are some lovely original features dotted about. Actually, I just can’t wait to move in.

Hallway Window Door arch

I am writing this in a terrible hurry, as I’ve just dropped the sproglet off for his first day of school. I am proud to report, I remain dry-eyed! I say a day, but, actually, it’s just two hours this morning, of playing, so I am hoping he will be okay. He seemed pretty cheery as I left him. I suspect the reality of a full week next week might be a little different…

So, a month of huge changes! Happy Friday to all, hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend.


7 thoughts on “The big move: an update

  1. Your new house has beautiful bones (and lovely glass) and when it’s been loved a bit and helped to stop subsiding it’s going to be stunning – wow to the gorgeous high ceilings!!

  2. How exiting, a blank canvas to put your very own stamp on! Good luck with the attic conversion, hope you get through planning quickly. Our own building work has started yesterday, scary.
    Glad you sproglet was happy to go to school. By the time my last one started school I was so relieved that I nearly cried with joy. That’s terrible, isn’t it? Hope next week will be good for him, too. And you of course. Have a great weekend planning and dreaming. x

  3. I love your new house. London houses are very beautiful with their bay windows and
    long corridors. I would not remove too many walls. Some of the original design features
    are very nice and unique. But everybody has a different taste. I used to live in London
    and absolutely loved to live in Victorian houses (with modern touches).

  4. Hey Sabrina,

    I can’t wait to see how your house turns out (either here with lots of pictures or pieces by pieces on Instagram). How are you doing? Is your little one already here? Say hello from me (this would explain that you’ve been quiet here and on Instagram).

    Hope to read you soon,


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