A few flowers

Magnolia stellata | Wolves in LondonChionodoxa | Wolves in LondonPrimrose | Wolves in LondonWe continued with Operation Sort-out-the-garden this weekend.

It’s an ongoing attempt, that’s been running for about, oooh, the 2.5 years we’ve lived in this house.

It’s not that I’m not crazy on gardening or that I’m not actually really quite desperate to have a garden that’s nice to sit in… it’s just that we’re also simultaneously running Operation Finish-decorating-the-darned-house and Operation Look-after-two-small-kids.

Anyway, I’m really starting to see progress now. I might even share some whole garden photos with you soon… (The suspense! I know!)

Yesterday was spent shoveling a big pile of soil into buckets to put onto a new bed. The soil pile has been sitting in front of the greenhouse for more than a year now (intended time of habitation in that location: about one month). There is something wildly satisfying about a bit of physical labour, especially the repetitive thrust of the spade into a big fat pile of earth.

On Saturday, with the sproglet’s help, I sowed a few more seeds, removed the duckweed from the pond and peered at a huge ball of frogspawn, did a bit of weeding around the rhubarb, checked on the new bed that’s been dug out for veg, and went on a snail hunt.

In between all the gardening, I spent lots of time admiring the new flowers that are appearing.

Oh and the hubby got in on the act too, cutting down the gigantic wooden post that was in front of our greenhouse (you can see it in the picture here) that once led a visitor to comment that it was always nice to have some gallows in the garden…

Next weekend, we’re putting up an arch in the same location, planting some honeysuckle and evergreen jasmine round the base, sowing the seeds into the veg bed and doing whatever else I can add to the list in the meantime.

Nowt like Spring, is there?

Spring cheer

Just popping in quickly this morning as I realise I have been a little bit moany and gloomy in my last few posts and definitely lacking in spring cheer.


So just to say, I have finally been catching up on a bit of sleep (hurrah) as my mother-in-law has been staying for a few days and giving me a hand with the sproglet.

Daffodil | Wolves in London

I have also done all sorts of things like unpack the odd box, make some soup for the freezer (ready to be eaten when the next baby arrives), attend a midwife appointment without the sproglet in attendance, make some delicious rhubarb fool from my amazingly pink forced rhubarb (the glory of which you might have seen on instagram if you follow me over there…) and even managed to knit a few more rows of the new baby’s blanket

Daffodils | Wolves in London

Not only has my mother-in-law entertained the sprog, she also brought me a beautiful bunch of daffodils from her garden. Gorgeous aren’t they?

Daffodil bunch | Wolves in London

And with all that activity and the re-emergence of the sun, how could I not be feeling in good cheer once again?

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  • Happier? Yes. As happy as the weekend of the mating frogs? Not quite. But I can always take a look at my photos to remind myself of their glory…

Amorous frogs…

…it must be Spring!

Frog | Wolves in London
Wot yew lookin at?

It seems to be frog mating season in our pond; every time I wander down to the end of the garden I can hear a low melodic ribbiting and look over to the pond to see at least four sets of frogs, clinging to each other in an endless embrace in the sunshine.

If I walk too close and disturb them, they rush back into the depths, one still clutching onto the other’s back.

Mating frogs
They stay like this for hours, clutching on to each other…

The frogspawn multiplies by the day. When I first noticed it, there was one little ball. The following day, two. Now, the surface of the pond is practically covered with it.

A winter of neglect while we were away has meant the fish have died one way or other (I suspect at the hands, or rather paws, of the neighbours’ cats, since there is no evidence of fish bodies anywhere), the plants that are still there look very sorry for themselves and the water has turned a murky brown from all the decomposing apples we didn’t fish out.

But the frogs seem to enjoy the lack of competition as I have never seen so many of them in there…

Affectionate frogs
There’s something sweetly affectionate about the way the one on the right is touching the other one

Elsewhere in the garden, other wonderful signs of spring are everywhere. Nothing better than the fabulously blue sky…

The sproglet gets terribly excited by the sight of a plane flying overhead.

… the blossom on the tree next door…

Blossom | Wolves in London
A treeful of gorgeous white flowers

… and the acer buds starting to burst out against a backdrop of London rooftops.

Acer in bud | Wolves in London
I think these will be fully unfurled by next week
London rooftops | Wolves in London
Sigh. If only every day was like this…

Days like these warm the soul, don’t they?

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