Spring cheer

Just popping in quickly this morning as I realise I have been a little bit moany and gloomy in my last few posts and definitely lacking in spring cheer.


So just to say, I have finally been catching up on a bit of sleep (hurrah) as my mother-in-law has been staying for a few days and giving me a hand with the sproglet.

Daffodil | Wolves in London

I have also done all sorts of things like unpack the odd box, make some soup for the freezer (ready to be eaten when the next baby arrives), attend a midwife appointment without the sproglet in attendance, make some delicious rhubarb fool from my amazingly pink forced rhubarb (the glory of which you might have seen on instagram if you follow me over there…) and even managed to knit a few more rows of the new baby’s blanket

Daffodils | Wolves in London

Not only has my mother-in-law entertained the sprog, she also brought me a beautiful bunch of daffodils from her garden. Gorgeous aren’t they?

Daffodil bunch | Wolves in London

And with all that activity and the re-emergence of the sun, how could I not be feeling in good cheer once again?

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  • Happier? Yes. As happy as the weekend of the mating frogs? Not quite. But I can always take a look at my photos to remind myself of their glory…

13 thoughts on “Spring cheer

  1. gorgeous daffodils! a huge swathe of them popped up in our garden (they were planted by a previous owner)… I can barely believe our luck! rhubarb fool… yum! x

  2. So very beautiful, I love how clear these photos are, I feel like I’m stood in your kitchen staring at them. Im not really though, don’t panic. *boo!*
    I hope that you start getting better sleep soon, sleep deprivation is so hard when you have a little one.
    Loving the blanket btw, it looks so snuggly already!
    Thanks for joining in and sharing x

  3. Oh wow those daffs are wonderful – I love the ones that look a little bit different. Just beautiful. Nice that you had some help, hopefully you got some sleep too 🙂

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