A Luddite no more…

For someone who has spent more than half their office life working for online companies, I’m a surprisingly, no, ridiculously late adopter of two trends.

I say “trends,” but most people I know would call them necessities. Prepare to retrieve your jaw from the carpet as I tell you that I’ve never before owned a smartphone and I’ve never got with all the Twitter action.

The phone I’d owned for the last seven years is what you could lovingly refer to as a brick.

Though, I suspect a brick probably has more sophisticated functionality than that phone…

Vintage illustration of a pig building a house of bricks
I’ve recycled my old phone by sending it to this pig to build his house…
(Image from the New York Public Library digital archive)

But over the weekend everything changed as I boldly, bravely took a step into the Noughties. (A mere decade or so late.)

My sister gave me her old iPhone and I signed myself up to Twitter.

Actually, I tell a slight lie, as I have had a Twitter account in my personal name for at least five years. I’ve just never once used it. Or understood what on earth the appeal is. Or remembered to look at it for four-and-three-quarter years.

But I figured, what with the whole fabric business malarkey, it was worth investigating Twitter some more and trying to figure out why everyone else is so keen.

So, you can now find me here: @WolvesinLondon.

I have a grand total of 16 followers so far and I’m following 43 people. (I know, these numbers are so big it’s hard to actually visualise them…)

So, if you’re on Twitter, please do look me up. Promise to follow you back!

I think I might just be starting to understand what all the fuss was about.  It’s going to take up a lot of my time, isn’t it?

Vintage picture of pigeons
What do you mean a carrier pigeon is no longer the quickest way to communicate with people?
(Image from Vintage Printable)

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10 thoughts on “A Luddite no more…

  1. Love this post 🙂 I finally got a smartphone a year or so ago, I never really wanted one but now it comes in handy (checking emails on the tube is very effective). But I’ll probably never be friends with Twitter… anyway, congrats! I think 16 is quite a number for just having signed up! 🙂

  2. I love your writing on the blog. If I sign up to tweet will they be anywhere near as clever? I have a simple old flip phone because I am not out and about that much but I do have an ipad where I spend most of my time.

  3. Ditto … no fancy phone here either and it is normally in the bottom of my bag uncharged … it is a really old one … and I am a virtual Twitter virgin too … following 49 and 17 followers … so I’m in a very similiar boat … let’s welcome the digital age together 😉 … Bee xx

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