The (fabric) world is not enough…

You know how it is around these parts. You wait four months for any sort of fabric dream development, and then two pieces of news come along at once…

(Okay, to fit the bus analogy it really should be three things at once, but heeeeey, steady on there, let’s not get too carried away in a hive of activity, I don’t want to wear myself out before tea time.)

Hot on the heels of my sneak reveal of my first ever fabric design, I’ve now got a thrilling announcement of the expansion to my (as yet hypothetical) fabric business to include printed stationery as well.

Elephant card and camel card from Wolves in London
Soon the new Wolves in London Etsy shop will not only sell amazing fabrics, but amazing cards like these…

My super talented sister recently bought a Letterpress to make her wedding invitations and we’re joining up together to plan a business of prints for both fabrics and cards.

You’ll be relieved to hear, her love of vintage pics is as strong as mine. These were her incredible wedding invitations:

Camel card by Wolves in London
He’s a glorious camel, isn’t he?

We’re chomping at the bit to get started now and have business strategies and product plans and collection ideas bursting out of our every vein.

Not only is it excellent to broaden out from fabrics to stationery, but my sister is super-talented at design, so I’m really looking forward to working with her on all our new products. There’s going to be more than a thing or two she can teach this dunce…

Elephant card from Wolves in London
Everyone would love to receive this cheery elephant card, wouldn’t they?

More developments soon, I hope! We’re planning on getting our Etsy shop up and running asap…

3 thoughts on “The (fabric) world is not enough…

      1. I’m so sorry, just went to check the link and did note the entries were between April 1 – 22…and I just found your blog today!! -here is the sad face-

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