A petri dish of dead bugs

I’m a bit of a fan of insects. In art form, anyway, perhaps a little less in real life. There’s something really aesthetically appealing to me about the complicated little bodies of bugs, with their iridescent colours and gauze-like wings…

I’ve made a paperweight illustrated with “the life cycle of the asparagus beetle.” I put some squash bugs onto one of the fabrics I designed with Spoonflower. And having a little browse through my Pinterest board Free graphics, I can see that I’ve pinned more than my fair share of various little creepy crawlies, with some wonderful pictures providing inspiration for future makes:

insect image
This amazing vintage poster is free to use from the Graphics Fairy

So perhaps it was inevitable to discover one of my projects Pinned the other day with a description “this looks like a petri dish of dead bugs suspended in something gelatinous…”

Except, it wasn’t about one of my insect projects, it was a description of my homemade lavender soap. Ouch.

Lavender soap
A sprinkling of lavender or a petri dish of dead bugs? You decide…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not such a delicate flower that I’m sobbing into my pillow at night or anything. As critical reviews go, this is pretty humorous and – looking at the photo again – I can sort of see what the Pinner was talking about.

And of course, I knew that if I started up a blog and put stuff that I’ve made out on the internet for all to see (I’d even uploaded this project to Craftgawker), then it’s inevitable that some people would think I had made a load of old crap. Each to their own and all that.

But, as the first time that it’s ever happened (to my knowledge anyway) I did have a sharp little intake of breath when first reading the comment.

So, fellow bloggers, social mediaers, anyone who has ever shared something online, tell me I’m not alone! Have you ever seen any rude comments about things you’ve made, either out there on Pinterest or somewhere else? Let me know in the comments…

11 thoughts on “A petri dish of dead bugs

  1. I bet that soap smells lovely. I wouldn’t let your feelings be hurt. Just giggle and agree. When my son was at that body humor age – you know about 8 yrs old. We went to a friends house and brought along some bean dip to share. It was delicious ground up beans, onions, garlic, hot pepper and cheese great heated up a little so the cheese was all meaty. Someone asked what it was called and my son giggled and said it looked like dog barf dip. All the young boys dug right in delighted with the name but it put off the adults. But what can a mom do – laugh and agree and dig in too!

  2. You would think that folks would only pin stuff they liked wouldn’t you? How very odd. I love the simplicity of your soap. My daughter and I have made many similar for gifts

  3. Oh that’s so funny! Clearly it was from someone who liked bugs 🙂 I haven’t seen anything similar about my own stuff, but that’s not to say that it’s not out there…

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