A photo a day: August

After complaining that I always come too late to the blogging party to join in with all the fun, my luck has changed as (thanks to the ever beautiful Start Up Wife blog) I found out about a brilliant August blog event in enough time to participate. Hoorah!

August Break is the brainchild of Susannah Conway. The idea is that for the month of August you post a photo every day on your blog and don’t worry too much about writing the posts…

Now, the only trouble for me, is that I find writing the posts infinitely easier than I do taking a decent photo that I actually want to post here and share with people, so I’m going to cheat a little / adapt the idea and not necessarily post a photo that I’ve taken on that actual day, but maybe just something from the preceding week. Otherwise, I’d spend every single day not remotely living in the moment — which is the whole point of the August Break — but completely stressing out that I’d failed to take a single good photo.


Here then, is my first photo, a butterfly from the Natural History Museum’s butterfly exhibition that we visited yesterday. The exhibition closes in September; if you’re based somewhere near this way and haven’t yet been, I definitely recommend a visit. I can proudly report butterfly landings on me, my partner, the baby and my niece. More excitement than you could possibly get in an average museum visit, I feel.

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