Garden moodboard: August

I’m six days late with my garden moodboard for August, though looking at the photo you could be forgiven for thinking I was month late and this was the bounty for September.

Garden moodboard August
Pinks, reds and purples

What’s happened to all my flowers? These are literally the only few I could find. (And the rose was one of only two blooming, so I suspect I might regret cutting that off…)

I don’t usually like pink roses, but I’m quite taken with these ones. No scent whatsoever, sadly

July was a veritable florist’s shop out the back there, but now almost everything seems to have died away and I’m left with bare patches in the beds and lots and lots and lots of green.

Definitely something I need to sort out next year; I think all these pink flowers would look even nicer if they were against a backdrop of swathes of white and blue flowers. (Of course I would think that, though, I think white and blue flowers are the very nicest things that can ever be grown…)

Of the flowers that are there, I’m not sure what this one is. It’s in a little thicket of foliage that looks a bit like thyme and it’s very small and delicate:

Pink flower
What is this teeny tiny beauty?

And I feel as if this one might be a scabious, but I also could just be making that up:

Reveal your true identity Mr small purple plant

The flowers may have gone, but the fruit and veg are doing very well. The three apples trees are heaving with apples. There are also plums on the plum tree, but not as many so I didn’t want to sacrifice one for a photo.

The borlotti beans have been growing away in pots right at the back of the garden and are beautiful and thoroughly cheering every time I look at them.

Borlotti bean
I’m looking forward to eating these little beauties

Of course, nobody should confess to having blackberries in their back garden, but my neighbour’s garden is something of a haven for brambles and I let a fair few survive the fence clambering into mine for these delicious blackberries.

Okay, these are weeds, but what delicious weeds they are…

Joining in with Asa’s monthly moodboards. (And, I have to say, some of those other photos are really putting mine to shame. Think I need to step it up next month and try something new…)

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3 thoughts on “Garden moodboard: August

    1. I can hear my horticultural teacher saying “A weed is just a plant in the wrong place”…

      Thing is, those blackberries do take over, I have to say. I really must cut them back a bit before they colonise the whole garden!

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