A photo a day: August 7th

…or, Actually, I grew up in Buckinghamshire…

As I mentioned a few days ago, we were up in Shropshire at the weekend, visiting Walcot Hall, the venue where we’re getting married in six weeks time.

Walcot Hall, Shropshire
This is the view across the lawns, to the fields beyond

Whenever I tell people we’re getting married in Shropshire, the inevitable response is, “Oh, did you grow up there?”

And I sheepishly reply, “Erm, no, I didn’t grow up anywhere near there, I have absolutely no connections with the area at all, we just found somewhere we really liked there and as a result, I’m expecting everyone to travel for five hours to come and watch us get married up there. Yeah. Sorry about that.”

Ballroom, Walcot Hall
The building on the left of the picture is the ballroom, where we’ll have the dance, the rest is just a nice mingling area if it’s sunny…

But, in my defence, it’s a venue to end all venues, and once we’d seen it, there was no question of getting married anywhere else. Here is the photographic evidence.

Caravan, Walcot Hall
This will be where one of our guests sleeps. I’d be pretty happy to turn up to a wedding and sleep there!
Dipping shed, Walcot Hall
More guest accommodation. This is called the “dipping shed’
Chapel, Walcot Hall
And this is where we’ll be spending our first night as an official married couple: an old converted tin chapel.

If you think this looks beautiful (and you’d be right) you can see more gloriousness on their website: www.walcothall.com.

(Bonus photos today! Joining in with the August Break again. You can see all my posts in the August break category.)

8 thoughts on “A photo a day: August 7th

  1. What a darling place. Your wedding will be the talk of all your guests! But, my goodness, only six weeks to go! Hope everything is going to plan. I’m at ’11 months to go’ so pretty laid back about the whole thing yet.

    1. It is definitely darling! I’m rather too laid back as well, at the moment, since we have a far number of things to do (dress to find, groom’s suit to find, baby’s clothes to find, bridesmaid’s dresses etc etc, as well as deciding on the service and choosing readings). Ha ha, now I’ve written it all out, I’m thinking maybe I should panic a little! Not to mention that little baby bulge on the stomach that I was determined to lose and have made absolutely no efforts whatsoever to shift so far…

  2. Can totally see why you chose this place – fabulous! I’ve been married for some years now and we went for the secret wedding at the local registry office option, as we didn’t want a big ‘do’ – but I love other people’s big do’s! Even if you get rubbish weather (and let’s hope you don’t), you will still have a wonderful day somewhere like this.

    1. Yes, the rubbish weather bit was a big reason why we chose it as well — the Georgian ballroom is just glorious inside, so even if it is pouring down outside, we’ll have somewhere really nice to be. (Of course, I am hoping for good weather anyway…)

  3. It looks gorgeous, and I absolutely love that tin chapel! It’s in my neck of the woods, but I had never heard of Walcot Hall until now (how I’ve missed it I don’t know!). The Powis family (who built the ballroom) are connected to my ‘church cum house’, small world. Best wishes for all the preparations… exciting times!

    1. Oh how amazing! Yes, the pub at the bottom of the drive is the Powis Arms as well… What a small world.

      It’s such a beautiful part of the world, I’m very jealous you get to live there full time! Every time we’re up there, we spend ages looking in estate agent’s windows and dreaming about a move, ha ha.

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