A photo a day: August 30th

Do you remember my blogging view, the view I see when I sit here writing my blog?

Well, this morning I was sitting in the chair in front of the window, looking the opposite way for once and this was my view in that direction:

palm tree
Just one of London’s many native trees…

The electricity cables are the only thing that would let you know I’m not in the middle of a desert…

It seems that people round these parts have something of a penchant for tropical plants. Not only did my house sport a giant cactus out front for more than half a century, but my neighbour has this even-more-giant palm tree in front of her house. It’s almost as tall as the house I would say.

Who needs a holiday when that’s what you see out of your front window?!

Joining in with the August Break.

(And yes, drat it, I missed yesterday’s photo again. Urgh, so close to the end of the month as well.)

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