I’m featured!

Just dropping in quickly to say that I’m featured over at This Blog Is Not For You today.

This blog is not for you

Head over and take a look if you want to find out why I never link up my posts on my personal Facebook page or what I made for my textiles GCSE… (If that’s not a teaser, I don’t know what is!)

You can find it all here: Featuring you: Sabrina from Wolves in London

And even if you’re not remotely interested in finding out anymore about little old moi, I’d suggest a visit to the blog anyway, for some amazing sewing tutorials (my very favourite of which is this pleated skirt), blogging tips and (it pains to me admit this, because I am very attached to my banner) the best blog banner I have yet to come across…

Have a great Friday night all.

4 thoughts on “I’m featured!

  1. Fantastic feature Sabrina. It was very nice to read more about you. Your blog is so lovely and has been source of inspiration for me. I’m hoping you go ahead them…I love to dream. Happy weekend!

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