A photo a day: August 31st

AKA the last day!

So this is it, people, my very last photo of the day. My last contribution to the August break.

Me sleeping
Don’t disturb me, mother, I must sleep until the cows come in from the fields this evening. This work has wearied me to the very core…

This is me. Collapsed in bed, my hand resting on my weary brow. A subtle photographic representation of how absolutely bloody exhausted I am from posting a photo (or sometimes more than one) on the blog every single day for the entire month of August.

(Okay, I missed two days, so in reality it’s been 29 days and not the 31 it should have been.)

To be honest, I’m not sure I’d do this again.

I knew even at the very beginning, that far from being an August “break” for me, this would be much more work than normal. I’m not a great photographer, so it’s not just a question of “snap,” one great photo taken, I’ll stick that up onto the blog and be done in five minutes.

It’s more like, “snap,” look at picture on camera screen, is that nice? I’m not sure. Maybe I should take another one. Is that nice? I’m not sure. Have I got my settings wrong? Maybe the angle’s wrong. I’ll change the exposure. Hmmm, I’ll upload them to the computer. Right, let’s take a look through them. Hmmm, one of those six might be okay. I guess I’ll give them all a quick edit and see which ends up looking best. Oh, drat, this one’s wonky. Right, I’d better open up Pixlr and try and straighten that up. Hmmm, nope, that’s not the best photo. I’ll use another one.

*Four hours pass by*

You get the drift.

Go away. I won’t get up until it’s September.

It’s not just the time it’s taken that’s proved tricky though.

When I first started this blog, I made a little manifesto to myself that I wanted to make sure every post had a purpose; delivered a specific bit of information that could be useful to someone reading that article. A tutorial of my own would be the ideal post in this scenario, but at the other end of the scale, if I was making some jam, for example, then I wanted to make sure I included a link to the jam recipe, not just photos of the jam I had made.

So, I felt a little uneasy about simply posting a photograph without any chat. Don’t get me wrong, there are trillions of blogs out there that I love where photographs are posted chat-free, or with minimum chat. The difference is, all of those bloggers take amazing photos.

Though my photos have massively improved since I started my blog, I’m still not one of those bloggers who takes amazing photos. So I feel that every photo should be accompanied by some interesting writing as well. And so now, rather than simply posting a photo a day, I’d talked myself into writing a blog post and posting a photo a day. (There were exceptions, of course, but I look back at those posts and really don’t like them…)

So, there you have it, my assessment of the past month: tiring overall and a bit out of step with what I really intend to do most of the time on this blog. On the plus side, a huge reason I did the August Break was to stop myself from agonising for so long over all the photos I include and also because I was hoping my photography would improve by taking part. I think that it possibly has.

But for the rest of the year, we’re going to back to what I’m happier doing. Bucket loads of waffle, interspersed with the odd picture here and there.

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  • I’m so pleased to be saying this for the last time: you can take a look at my photos for every day this month in my August break category.

13 thoughts on “A photo a day: August 31st

  1. I am in awe that you’ve managed to do this at all considering that you are organising your own wedding in a week’s time! Well done (and good luck for next week)!

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. Ha, yes, now I just have a week of final bits and bobs to do for the wedding. But then two weeks relaxing on honeymoon, so I can get plenty of sleep in then!

  2. I am with you on posting a little writing with the photo. I always want to know where, who, why and what. So I try to answer those questions in my blog post.

  3. Well done for finishing it! You take amazing pictures, lady, don’t even try to tell us otherwise. My Dad’s a professional photographer, so I’ve seen loads of great pictures and I really do love yours!!

    1. Ah thanks so much, that’s very nice! I’ve definitely improved loads but I still find it soooo frustrating seeing what I actually managed compared to what I wanted to take… Still, I guess the only thing is to keep on trying, eh?!

  4. Your pictures are lovely and inspire me to get off my arse and DO something and I don’t have a sproglet to look after. I googled to find out if sproglet is a word. What an education you are to an elderly Ohio blogger.

    1. I suspect “sproglet” is a very English slang word!

      And you certainly seem to spend lots of time doing things as well. I wish I had the amazing sewing powers you do…

      Thanks for kind words about pictures.


  5. Lie down for a bit. You’ve got a baby too. Everything is harder with a baby in tow.

    I like the idea of linking every post to something or a tutorial – but that seems hard to me!

    Looking forward to hearing from you when you’re refreshed X

    1. Yes, too hard to do every day! But much more manageable once I’m back on my two posts a week schedule… A long lie down is definitely in order (in fact, I’m still in my PJs right now, ha ha).

  6. Your pictures were lovely 🙂 I must admit I was tempted to do August Break and am now rather pleased that I didn’t, it’s not a break!!! Stay in PJ’s, have a large congratulatory glass of wine and umm…relax before the wedding?!?

  7. You deserve that lie down. I had wondered to myself if I had been missing the irony behind the word ‘break’. I’m sure you will have learnt alot from your temporary different approach to your blog. I think making yourself do things that aren’t the normal or come easiest to you hugely benefits every thing else.

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