Armchair travel

Once upon a time, I used to get itchy feet if I hadn’t been out of the country for a month. I was a travel aficionado. Weekend city breaks, European holidays, winter ski trips, a year off travelling through Asia: there were few travel opportunities I didn’t jump at. Frequently.

Palestine vintage travel poster
Okay then, I will…

But, now, of course, I’ve got a young family and my days of travel are, if not over, at least on hold for a while.

On the whole, I don’t really mind. There is something equally as exciting in discovering all the amazing places on our doorstep, both around London and in the rest of the UK.  Honestly, there really is.

France vintage travel poster
This hotel looks family-friendly, right? Oh…

But I have friends scattered at various locations around the globe, mostly there for work, and of course that bastard Facebook is terribly good at making you feel jealous about whatever it is that someone’s doing and you’re not…

And so it was, when one of my closest friends posted some photos today of her recent visit to Burma (she lives in Thailand and travels to Burma a lot. Yeah. I know).

I had an extreme sensation of itching in my feet and a yen to set off for sunnier climes.

Portugal vintage travel poster
No rain, ah blissful notion…

But I can’t. So, here is the next best thing.

You’ve seen these a hundred times before, of course, but I absolutely love these old 1920s travel posters. I found a whole set recently at the Boston Public Library’s Flickr account from an exhibition in 2010.

These are just a few of my favourites. You can take a look at the full lot here: Away we Go!

Alaska vintage travel poster
If I could go anywhere on my next holiday, I think it would be Alaska…

They utterly epitomise the glamour of travel don’t they? And that’s enough for me at the moment. Travel from my armchair…

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  • Well, I shouldn’t really moan so much, since I was in Puglia a mere month ago. But of all the places I’ve been to before, Borneo would be the one I’d return to quickest. If only to see these baby orangutans again…

3 thoughts on “Armchair travel

  1. Thanks for the great posters. I also love travel and am amazed at friends and family who are reluctant to venture from home. I have never gone as far as Asia but have made several trips to Europe and around the US and to Costa Rica. Alaska is a place my traveling type friends always recommend . You are young and have lots of travel years. I was 40 before I ever flew in a plane…to Europe. I have a travel blog at
    I would go back to Italy in a heartbeat but then I would have to sacrifice visiting a new locale. I travel to Britain through you quite often.

    1. Ahhh, I am a fellow Italy lover as well! I never understand people who don’t want to travel, either. But also, it’s great doing some good travelling in your own country as well (though I guess what we would count as “travelling” in the UK — eg a four hour car drive up North — is what is classed as a “day trip” in America!)

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