New beginnings

Hello, hello dear readers! Happy 2014 and I hope you had a suitably joyously festive few weeks at Christmas and a great start to January.

Around this time of year,* having shaken off the post-Christmas lethargy, I normally write myself a little list of things I could do across the course of the year. Much nicer than the horribly strict sounding “resolutions” and less binding too.

(Looking back at last year’s list, I can see that I managed at about 3.5 of the 7 ideas I set myself, which isn’t bad going, really…)

Bulb shoots
New beginnings. Geddit?

This January, however, sitting here and looking down the barrel of the year, I see a couple of events that are fairly set in stone. New beginnings that I know will take up plenty of time and energy, so much so that there seems little point suggesting anything else that could get done in the latter half of the year.

Firstly, chronologically, we will (I pray) be moving back home again into our house when the builders finish the renovations. This was originally slated for January but it’s looking like mid Feb at the earliest now.

I’m going a little stir crazy out here in the home counties without a car or means of transporting myself and the sproglet around. Most days I tend to go to the Co-op, just for something to do. So, anyway, the day can’t come soon enough when we head back to London, to a house of bare plastered walls in desperate need of decorating, ha ha.

russian dolls
I feel I should point out, this photo is 75% gender inaccurate when it comes to my actual family…

The second big event of the year – all going well between now and then – is the arrival of a brand new sproglet in late Spring. I know I’ve not mentioned it on the blog before, but I’m now just over five months pregnant and it’s all starting to seem fairly real that another baby will be arriving soon and I’ll have a 20-month-old and brand new bibbit to look after all at the same time!

So, my 2014: new house (okay, old house with new amendments) and new baby.

It’s set to be a good year… I hope yours all are too.

*Yes, I really do mean “this” time of year, as in a good few weeks into January, as in I am consistently late with pretty much everything, including new year’s resolutions from the start of the year.

13 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Congratulations on your impending sproglet. Great news! Moving back to your own home is also great news and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be February and not March or April! Happy New Year!

    1. Oh my goodness, I can’t even think about it being March or April! We were up there today checking on progress and all looks good though, so fingers very tightly crossed we’ll be back in soon. Then it’s the minor case of managing to decorate the entire house in two months before the next sproglet appears, ha ha.

      Happy new year to you too.

  2. Well there you go then. No wonder all the busy and need of a nest. It’s such a joy that new baby. My girl’s 10 months now. Keep us apprised. And keep yourself sane.
    ps resolutions are always ridiculous, especially so when your life includes children, plural.

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