Garden moodboard: January

Hot on the heels of my lateness with new year’s resolutions (or lack thereof) I am also running a good few weeks late with my garden moodboard for January.

Garden weed moodboard
A feast for Peter Rabbit

What can I say, it’s been pissing it down outside and there is not a single new plant to show you from my Mum’s garden since I took the photos last month

So, for my January moodboard, ladies and gentlemen, for one month only, I bring you the unloved, the unphotographed (many would say for good reason), the ever present but never desired… …I bring you the garden weed!

[Disclaimer: despite completing nearly a year of my horticulture classes now, I’m not actually that good at identifying weeds, so it is highly possible that a couple of these, come Spring time, might prove themselves to be wonderful garden plants rather than vicious interlopers.]

Garden weeds
Everything looks nicer in the sunshine…
garden weeds
How many do you recognise?

As I was taking the photos, the sun came out from behind one of the many clouds, and the weeds looked rather glorious, I thought, lush and green with the sun streaming through the window.

I can only identify a couple of these. The nettles, up close, have a beautiful toothed edge to their leaves. Perhaps this will be the year I finally get round to making some nettle fertiliser rather than just stinging myself on them.

They’d be beautiful if they weren’t so vicious

There’s not really a huge amount to be said for the dandelions. They’re not terribly attractive in this state and though the amazing seed heads are undeniably beautiful you just don’t want to let them reach that stage and spread hundreds more of the plants into the garden… I suppose I could try eating the leaves in a salad, though, if times got really tough.

dandelion leaf
Tasty? Hmmm
Curly, yes.

This one I’m not quite sure if it’s a weed or perhaps a geranium. Either way, something’s been enjoying a munch…

chewed leaf
Weed or trusty garden flower?

And this final one is really quite beautiful up close.

Garden weed
I Haven’t a clue what this is…

Perhaps not quite as attractive or varied as the flowers I’ve shown you before, but viewing them through my macro lens, this little weeds have rather grown on me (pun unintented)…

Next month, though, as long as we’re back in our own house, I promise you some proper garden plants. As long as they haven’t been totally destroyed by building dust, that is.

Joining in this month, as ever, with Karin A.

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4 thoughts on “Garden moodboard: January

      1. It can be a bit of a pain as it roots really deeply and spreads pretty rapidly, but the flowers are pretty! Probably best to get rid of it if its in your borders though as it will take over x

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