My lovely blog readers, it’s that time again… The second batch of my horticulture exams are in less than two weeks and, just like last June, I must bury my head in my books until then and concentrate on revision.

Right this very second, I’m probably busy learning about such things as how to grow cyclamen for commercial production…

So no blog posts from me, I’m afraid, until some point after February 11th when I can think about anything non-plant related again.

Of course, I deeply wish I was one of those super organised people who would have scheduled a few posts for the meantime but — as you know all too well if you’ve been here a few times — sadly, I’m not.

So, have a wonderful fortnight, wish me luck for the day of exams and I’ll be back soon…

9 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. Great picture πŸ™‚ Best of luck with your revision and the exams – don’t forget to exercise your writing hand over the next few weeks to avoid exam cramp! πŸ™‚

  2. Good luck!!! (And for what it’s worth, I only learnt how to schedule posts this week. Not that I really have any need for that mind you!)

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