August break 2014: week two

The photos continue…

August break photos | Wolves in London
Prompts, left to right, top to bottom: hands; guilty pleasure; drink; blue; look down; in my bag; look down (again); look down (and again!); handwriting

Phew, this has been a tough week.

The hubby was back at work on Monday after a five week hol between jobs. Of course, in that time, the sprog and the babe had become completely used to having him around all the time (as, for that matter, had I) so it’s been a shock to all our systems to be back to a one parent unit during the daytimes.

Having said, last week, that I was finding it a great joy taking a photo every day, this week it has definitely been more of a struggle to find even a spare minute to snap something. But I did, somehow, manage it on every day.

Here are my pics from the last week, for your delectation. (By the way, if you want to see any of them bigger, just click on the image and zoom in…)

{The August Break is a photography project of Susannah Conway’s, where you take a photo every day following prompts. See more about my participation in my post last week, or more about the whole thing on Susannah’s blog: August break 2014.}

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5 thoughts on “August break 2014: week two

  1. Love the teapot shot! I know what you mean about August, it is feeling like hard work at the moment! Rather jealous of those plums too….have to track some of those down this week, that’ll improve things!

  2. What a bonus to have 5 weeks together as a family in the middle of the summer though I hope that didn’t result in a 5 weeks break from an income which is actually is not so good!
    Lovely photos. You were always good but these are fabulous.

    1. Thanks Lucie, lovely of you to say so.

      Yes, planned break, so at least partly paid! Not quite as lovely as it should have been though, largely due to my own self-imposed To Do list, which of course didn’t get done, and the sprog’s dislike of changes to his routine. The fallout since the return to work has been especially hard to deal with, but I hope normality is returning a bit now…

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