A skirt for all seasons

Around the time my babies reach three months, I’ve noticed, I start to get a bit of energy back.

Inspiration strikes. I decide not to buy whatever latest baby need has arisen but to make it instead. I start pinning endless craft projects. I start making endless lists.

And so the past weekend was a frenzy of ideas of all the things I am desperate to sew, knit, paint or make in any other way possible.

This time round, though, my free time isn’t quite in proportion with my plans. The permanently unfinished house calls out to me to be painted and any dual naptime that’s achieved is taken up with decorating rather than crafting.

So the lists remain lists, for now, but I plan to prioritise finding time soon for the very first item on the very biggest list: a few more maxi skirts following the Versa skirt tutorial by Delia Creates.

Home sewn maxi skirt | Wolves in London
Why hello! This is me wearing my maxi skirt in casual mode…

I have one of these already in my wardrobe, you see, that I made myself shortly after the sprog was born. I’ve barely stopped wearing it ever since.

It’s a skirt for all seasons, yes. And all occasions, shapes and sizes.

Home sewn maxi skirt | Wolves in London
Nice skirt, you say? Why thanks, I made it myself

I wore it throughout my pregnancy with the latest babe. It looked great at six weeks and when I was nine months preggo it was about the only thing I could fit into.

Home sewn maxi skirt | Wolves in London
Oh! I just remembered I made this skirt myself! Go me…

I wear it in winter with tights and in summer with flip flops.

I wear it to slump around the house, as comfy as if I’m in my PJs and I wore it, with a glorious floral jacket to a friend’s wedding.

I’m wearing it right now, sitting here writing this…

Home sewn maxi skirt | Wolves in London
The exact outfit I wore to a friend’s wedding when 8.5 months pregnant. Just with a much bigger tummy…

In short, I wear it whenever it’s not in the wash…

So, it’s high time for a few more, I think. I dream of a nautical blue-and-white striped one, Delia style, and a really bright and vibrantly coloured geometric print one – Aztec / 1980s style.

Oh, and I forgot to say the absolute best thing about it: to make one, you just need to sew three straight lines. Which makes it, in my book, the best sewing project ever!

Home sewn maxi skirt | Wolves in London
Off I skip, straight to the sewing machine to make myself a few more of these beauties…

Does anyone have any other suggestions for super simple but super useful sewing patterns / tutorials? Drop me a comment as I’d love to expand my repertoire…

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10 thoughts on “A skirt for all seasons

  1. Lovely, also I love the posing. There is nothing more entertaining than trying to think of a pose whilst modelling your hand made sewing. I think i might try one myself, but i always want to go to dresses over skirts maybe i can adapt. it looks so comfy. – Annie

    1. Ha ha, yes I found doing stupid poses actually made me feel a lot less of an eejit than trying to do sensible, nice ones! In fact, I look quite grumpy in the only normal one…

      Hmmm, looking at the photos again, I am also thinking I should have really ironed the skirt and I think the sprog has left some handprints on the front too! Ah well, live and learn.

      1. I look super grumpy when I pose, we should have posing practice, I believe I could perfect the pout. Maybe just sticking with the silly poses on second thoughts.

  2. YOU just had a baby?? Girl you look great! I swear I was like a beached whale after I gave birth… even 18 years later… haha! Seriously though, you look fantastic!
    I also love the skirt! You’re right, it’s totally for all seasons!!
    Much love,

    1. Ha ha ha, thanks Tammy! I think the weight is starting to pile back on again now, due to my serious need for chocolate *at all times* just to keep me going through a day of looking after two little ones!

      The skirt is fab, isn’t it? I really recommend the tutorial!

      Sabrina xx

  3. It really is food to see you especially in silly poses. And you do look fantastic. I’m not a fan of maxis but the floral jacket combo looked smart. Comfort is good but that’s what people defend themselves with when they see the secret footage of their frompy selves on What Not To Wear. Every body looks great in some cut. And comfort at home i comfort at home. And three seams is like a no sew project. Yes to the 80’s geometric. My gal Jill on her Made With Moxie blog may have some patterns for you.
    Love to you and your littles.

  4. You look great! Your skirt is really flattering and looks so comfy. Perfect combination. Your garden is looking very pretty in the background too! Bee xx

    1. Thanks Bee. Yes, I purposefully stood right in front of the nicest bits of the garden: the plum tree, cosmos, nicotiana and I think you can just spot a little touch of pink from the thyme as well. The rest of the garden is a little bit more on the bare side right now!

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