Photographing trees

Earlier this year I resolved to spend lots of time this summer photographing (and identifying) trees for my Instagram feed. (See A love of trees for more.)

Now, if you follow me on instagram you can’t fail to have been struck by a simple fact: you haven’t remotely been spammed with hundreds and hundreds of tree pictures.

Why not? It turns out it’s really tough to photograph a tree; decent camera on your phone or not.

Myoung Ho Lee trees
© Myoung Ho Lee

Recently, I came across a wonderful South Korean photographer called Myoung Ho Lee who manages exactly what I couldn’t succeed in doing and I had to share these images with you.

He takes the most awe-inspiring photos, each tree with a simple white sheet hung behind it.

Myoung Ho Lee trees
© Myoung Ho Lee

I never fail to be impressed by trees. Of course, flowers are really great too. They’re pretty and you can arrange them in a vase and suddenly even the dingiest most hovel-like room in your house is transformed into a place of beauty. But there’s something about the immense majesty of trees – their sturdy immovability, great age and refusal to be brought indoors – that makes them my plant of choice every time.

Myoung Ho Lee trees
© Myoung Ho Lee

If ever I’m feeling glum, or bored, or just out-of-sorts for whatever reason, a short walk to the park and a stroll under the canopy of ancient trees always, but always, brings a spring back to my step.

I think that’s why I love these photos so very much. They seem to say: Here it is,  just a tree, on a white background.

Who needs more than that?

All photographs copyright Myoung Ho Lee. See the website of the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York for more photos from the series.

7 thoughts on “Photographing trees

  1. I feel exactly the same about trees, they’re wonderful, I’ve always loved them. I was looking at the one that overlooks my allotment today and watching a robin up there, singing his heart out, and looking at the miles and miles of brambles climbing up into the branches. And I was so glad that I had the plot with the tree by it. CJ xx

  2. This is fantastic! As you know I love trees. They are wonderful and I always walk past them and wonder how many years they’ve been there and how much change they must have witnessed over time. A bit kooky but hey. Great post. xD

    1. Oh, me too! I started reading a book about the gingko tree, and the guy at the beginning talks about the trees he has known in the places he’s worked (he’s a horticulturalist, so the places include Kew etc) — I love that way of remembering important places in your life: by the amazing trees that were in them. xx

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