Back on the needles…

My knitting has taken a bit of a back seat these past five months.

After the knitting-nesting frenzy before sproglet mark II was born, my needles have been consigned to the needle holder, evenings these days not given over to knitting a gorgeous blanket, so much as slumping, weary, in front of the TV, too tired to even change the channel if the remote control happens to be out of hand’s reach.


Vintage knitting needle roll | Wolves in London
Not in use, but at least resting in nice surroundings…

But no longer, my pretty needles! Autumn is truly here, the days are shorter and colder and knitwear is needed in this house. The elder sprog has outgrown most of his jumpers from last winter so I spent a particularly wonderful 10 minutes last week going through saved cardigan patterns on Ravelry with him, asking him which ones he liked best.

(At two years and two months, he had some pretty firm ideas about which ones he did and didn’t like, which I found particularly endearing. I’m sure in six months or so, it will drive me round the bend when he dismisses clothes out of hand, but for now, his firm, “no like dat colour” makes me want to hug him very tight…)

And so it was the wonder years cardigan by Elizabeth Smith was selected. The sprog liked the stripes, I liked the comfy Grandpa look of it and the leather buttons.

By amazing good fortune, I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Knitting and Stitching Show, taking place later this week at Ally Pally, from the very lovely This Blog is Not For You. What better place to choose some lovely squishy wool?

So, with a bit of luck, evenings from now on will be taken up with hot chocolate, knitting, oh, and still a bit of telly too. I’m all talked out by about 7pm nowadays, so vegging and staring is the only option.

Vintage knitting needles | Wolves in London
A glorious array of plastic!

I’ll let you know how I get on…

P.S. My knitting needle case is rather lovely, isn’t it? It was my Granny’s, acquired when she went into a home, at the same time as the bronze urn on my mantelpiece. I assume that she made it herself — I think the outer fabric was probably from some curtains she had, and the inner one is, I believe, Liberty print. Most of the needles inside were hers as well; I love their fabulous rainbow colours.

Knitting needle roll | Wolves in London
Liberty fabric?

P.P.S. I’ve just realised it’s wool week this week! What a fortuitous post this proves to be. (Well, it would be even more fortuitous if I had actually *knitted* something already, but, still, the thought counts too, right?!)

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11 thoughts on “Back on the needles…

  1. That fabric is William Morris ‘Golden Lily’ Sanderson from the 1970/80’s. It hung in my mum’s kitchen throughout my teenage years. Funny how a fabric can suddenly hit you with a blast from the past!
    Love the cardigan that was selected.

  2. Love your elder sprog’s choice (the lad has good taste!) and am envious of anyone who can pick up a pattern and create! I have an attempted sweater that my son grew out of before I was close to finishing it. It didn’t look too bad, if I’m honest with myself but as I am self-taught, I got stuck and just never finished it! Only thing besides scarves and a hat that I’ve ever knitted are the dishrags that were all the rage a couple of years ago…

    1. Oh yes, I’m self-taught too — have to head over for endless YouTube tutorials whenever I get stuck! I was working on a really amazing jumper, when the sprog was still a little baby (this boat one here) and taught myself intarsia so I could do the boat on the front, which took about six attempts at redoing it. Finally got up to the neck, only to discover that there was no way in the world his head was going to fit through the neck opening! Didn’t have the heart after all that to re-start in a bigger size. I think that was about the last time I knit for him, actually, so fingers crossed this goes better…

      1. That’s what happened to me! Got to the neck and.. phooey! Too small!!!

        I send you positive vibes that you will succeed! ;D

  3. A wonderful knitting needle case, no doubt you treasure it. I like your son’s choice of cardigan, I shall look forward to seeing your progress. I know exactly what you mean about evening slumping. I fall asleep knitting sometimes. Anything I make has to be really, really easy. CJ xx

    1. I’m with you there! There’s nothing worse than the frustration of thinking, “oh, I’ll just do a few more rows, yawn yawn, maybe I’m a bit tired, no, I’ll crack on…” and then realising afterwards you completely stuffed it up and knitted the wrong thing and have to spend the following evening unpicking everything you did and starting again. Ha ha, I should stop thinking like this or I will put myself off even beginning the thing!

  4. I have many of my grandmother’s knitting needles and they’re so much more interesting than the modern ones. The weather has definitely turned autumnal this week and I’ve dug out my knitting that got abandoned in the spring.

  5. what a gorgeous needle roll, I would love to have such a thing! I love the rainbow needles too, I have a collection picked up from various charity shops. I’ve just reinstated my knitting project, a very simple baby blanket… hopefully it will be complete before winter! x

  6. You’re a kindred spirit of mine, I see. I recently picked up some crochet needles at a thrift store for .10 cents each to add to my collections (needles are so expensive today ~ the ones I have in my collection cost only $.25 cents at the time so that tells you how long I’ve had them :))plus they had a pair of knitting needles also. I crochet, but have never mastered knitting so thought I’d give it another try. The newest grandchild just recently was able to wear the sweater set I crocheted for her before she was born. I agree, this time of year I tend to start looking at my needles and yarn supply that I have on hand. Last year it was making hats and always the doilies. My sister-in-law knits such pretty things and certainly looks better on some items. Your babykins has great taste…that sweater will look great. I too have a needle holder like that one that I made for myself. Love your post. 🙂

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