The garden of my dreams

The sprogs have both been ill, with various bits and pieces, these past few weeks, which means that my days have disappeared in a blur of antibiotics administering, snotty nose wiping, eyedrop dispensing, multiple night-time wakings soothing and generally feeling pretty knackered myself.

There’s not been much time for blogging. Or thinking. Or brushing my hair.

French country cottage gardenAlso taking up a fair bit more time than I anticipated is my garden design course. Yup, that same garden design course I was so excited about starting and which is now feeling a little bit more like a chore in my life because of the mountains upon mountains of homework that come with it. Still, I am learning lots of nice and interesting new things, so I’m not complaining too much. Even if I am suddenly plummeted back into my English Lit student days where you always, but always had an essay due in in a week’s time and consequently any other event that was going on* had a shadow hanging over it whispering to you: “You really should be writing that essay you know…”

So when I stumbled across photos of a beautiful garden when doing some research for my course, I was immediately tempted to go and visit it and have a nice day off.

Garden des JoetsThen I realised that it was in France. Hey! Even better!

A quick Google later and I’ve discovered you can get the ferry to Dunkirk and then drive for 30 minutes and be in Eecke, the home of Le jardin des Joets. Ferry timetables are being consulted, cars are being booked, the surrounding neighbourhoods examined for friendly looking B&Bs.

Meanwhile, I just had to share some of these photos with you as they are, in essence, my absolute dream garden. In these still rather cold and dreary early March days, I find it deeply cheering to look at a garden in full bloom and dream of the drowsy bee-filled summer months.

Summer flowersAll photos from a rather brilliant French website, Le jardin de Sophie. Do head over and take a look, there are lots more wonderful pictures to tempt you to book your place on a ferry too: Le jardin des joets.

*Events going on in my student days could probably be summarised with: making supper, smoking a cigarette, going out in Bristol and getting steamingly drunk.

7 thoughts on “The garden of my dreams

  1. OOOOH! NO! Not another round of the sickies! Is your hubby the only one spared or will you be taking care of him next? BUT, those garden pics are supper. AND France. We were going to include France when we visit London in May but deferred to saving the $$ and spending NEXT Feb. in Florida. Not another Ohio February. We’re going tropical

  2. That’s a beautiful garden! Sorry to hear about all the snot wiping – just keep telling yourself the human body can only hold so much. It can’t go on forever 😉

  3. Sorry those little people are ill again, I do hope they’re all better soon. I had a shivery one flopped on the sofa earlier, so it’s quite likely he’ll be off of school tomorrow. And another one is a bit peaky too. Those pictures of a summer garden are delightful. Just the sort of thing to help at this time of year. It will be amazing to actually visit in person. I hope you have a good long night’s sleep tonight. I’ve just picked up an online course, and I’m panicking about ever finding the time to do anything. Not enough hours! CJ xx

  4. Those pictures are a tonic. It’s hard to remember the warmth of the sun on your skin and being outside until 10, this time of year.
    Push through the snotty period. At least you have something to look forward to. 😉

  5. sorry to hear it’s been a bit sickly at home, but bring on that springtime fresh air and sunshine on your faces, that never fails to help you feel better! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I was considering doing a garden design course but I haven’t taken the plunge yet, I’ll see how this year goes! Katie x

  6. Wow, what beautiful pictures of a French summer garden – idyllic! I hope your children are better soon – takes me back to the dim and distant when mine were little. What hard work it is! (But worth it!)
    Love, Pauline in Rutland

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