Spring’s sprung at Wisley

Oh, but I bloody love Spring.

The lighter evenings, the bulbs nosing up through the soil, the constant refrain of birdsong. Above all, the sense of possibility in the air, a renewed energy to get up off my arse and just do stuff. Anything! For everything undertaken in Springtime can’t fail to be fun.

Crocuses at Wisley | Wolves in LondonSnowdrop at Wisley | Wolves in LondonOn Saturday, we made another trip to Wisley so I could steal some ideas get some inspiration for my latest garden design assignment. I challenge you to find a more enjoyable place in the country to enjoy one of the first days of Spring.

I visited for the first time last Summer (read about that here: Wonderful Wisley) and was totally won over by the glorious gardens. Our trip on Saturday just deepened my love.

Everywhere was a riot of crocuses, with clusters of snowdrops, winter aconite and lots of beautiful irises to enjoy. I felt immense pride every time the sproglet stopped, delighted, by a snowdrop and said, “Look! Mummy! A nodrop, a nodrop!”

Grass at Wisley | Wolves in LondonGrass heads at Wisley | Wolves in LondonWe wandered round the lakes, admiring the dogwoods, ate an immense and delicious (but pricey) meal in the restaurant, ambled through the library, bumped the pram through the glorious woodland area and generally just felt pretty bloody contented, with the sun on our faces.

Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn' at Wisley | Wolves in LondonJust before heading home, I took the sproglet into the glasshouses to see the butterflies. It was crammed to the rafters with hundreds of other families doing exactly the same thing, so we raced on through, stopping to spot a few butterflies on the feeding tables, but not much more. (The V&A butterfly house we visited a few years back had a better butterfly to person ratio, I found, though I have to say this was the last weekend at Wisley, so perhaps most of the butterflies had already died off…)

Butterflies eating bananas | Wolves in LondonAhhh, days like these are just good for the soul. Roll on more Spring weather, please, life feels so jolly at this time of year.

13 thoughts on “Spring’s sprung at Wisley

  1. It sounds like the perfect day. Let’s hope there are plenty more sunny days very soon. I hope you found plenty of inspiration for your garden course, and that it’s going well. I’ve got a little course (writing, not gardening) to do, I have the stuff, but I haven’t found the time to start it yet. I really must try harder. But I find it quite inspirational hearing about what other people are doing. I hope you’re enjoying it. CJ xx

    1. Oh yes, I’m really enjoying the course. It’s hard to fit all the work in, but so wonderful to have a little bit time to myself every week; to use my brain, think about lovely plants and learn new things. Just bliss, really!

      Hope your writing course goes well. It’s always hardest to find the time to start these things, I find. Once you’re in the swing of it, hopefully it becomes easier! xxx

  2. I was worried about our trip to London in May being too cool, but I guess spring arrives earlier in the UK. We hit 41 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday at is just beginning to melt the giant piles of snow and you have crocuses!

    1. I think May is often the nicest month here. June – August can be good, but sometimes we just get torrential rain, whereas late Spring is often just utterly lovely. (Now I’ve said that you’ll probably be deluged your whole stay, ha ha.) It was hot on Saturday too — no coats hot, that’s how good it was! xxx

  3. Wasn’t it beautiful on Saturday? I know I have lived on this earth for 42 years but the sight of snowdrops and crocuses just confirms that yes, we are going to move from this cold grey season into spring once again. It never fails to amaze me.

    1. Me too! I feel like a little animal just coming out of hibernation, so extreme is the difference in my mood on a day like Saturday compared to a bleak grey winter’s day. It’s as if the blood starts circulating once again and my winter lethargy vanishes. Ah, Spring Spring Spring! xx

  4. I’ve had the spring drug too – amazing how it re-energises me. I’ve been once to RHS Wisley and met up with the Mammasaurus herself there plus all our kids. Must go back very soon and enjoy the spring offers.

  5. I love a bit of Wisley, though we found the butterfly house too mad a queue to get into when we went – any sign that says ’45 wait from here’ demands a tut and an about turn! Gorgeous weather we’ve had – blue skies and the feeling of sun paired with gardens can’t help but raise a smile ! x

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