The perfect packaging

I’m a huge fan of good packaging. When I really get started on the great fabric project and open my Etsy shop, I want everything I send out* to be so beautifully packaged that the recipient feels they’re getting a present in the post.

Which was just how I felt this morning, after taking delivery of a parcel containing something I’d ordered for the baby from The Round Window.

When I’d opened up the brown box, this is what I found inside:

Perfect packaging
Could you ever hope to open a box with a more delightful display inside?

Stunning, isn’t it? That gorgeous cheerful yellow paper, the baker’s string tied around it, the little acorn note…

The parcel itself was just like a lovely present. I almost didn’t want to open it up it looked so beautiful.

Perfect wrapping
Is it Christmas? Is it my birthday? Nope. Just something I ordered online… Beats the plastic bags you get from all major shops, doesn’t it?

The cheery little acorn (the motif from her online shop) had a hand-written note on the back, thanking me for the order.

Acorn gift tag
The world’s cutest gift tag?

And when I unwrapped the twine and turned the parcel over, there was even a matching acorn sticker, in place of sellotape.

Acorn sticker
And a matching sticker to hold the parcel together

Packaging just doesn’t get any better than this, does it? In all honesty, I’m not sure that even birthday or Christmas presents I’ve been given have been wrapped as beautifully! (Apologies to anyone whose ever given me a present and is reading this…)

I feel completely inspired to try and produce something as attractive as this for my own packaging when the times comes to actually start selling some stuff in my own shop.

Oh, and the icing on the cake? This was what was inside. A little stained glass egg man, that I’m going to hang in the window of the sproglet’s room.

Egg man from the Round Window
Glorious little egg man, from The Round Window. (His name is Eugene, by the way)

Beyond amazing, no?

(Apologies for all the superlatives in this post. In my defence, it’s not every day something as nice as this arrives at your door…)

*I might be making a big assumption here that I’ll get any orders at all, ha ha.

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Box of delights: gift box template and tutorial

Waaaay back in December I told you about some homemade soaps I made for Christmas presents. I said I had great plans for the packaging, which I was planning on sharing if they came off.

Well, I’m sure you’ve hardly been able to concentrate in 2013 for wondering, nay, worrying if it all came together in the end. Perhaps you took my silence on the matter as a bad sign. You feared, I am sure, some packaging catastrophe had occurred, the memory of which was so upsetting for me, I couldn’t bear to re-live it on my blog. (“It’s a safe place,” you wanted to reassure me, “you can share anything here…”)

Worry not, though, my boxes came off a treat – better than I could have hoped.  My wait was just because I wanted to pester my partner into helping me get a template for them into pdf form to share with you all… (I’m a bit of a thicko when it comes to any sort of design work on the computer, so even this basic use of lines was a bit beyond me…)

So this was the final result:

Handmade box template
A ribbon and a personalised label: my go-to wrapping favourites

Attractive, no?

I’d tried a few other templates I’d seen first, but none worked properly for the size of my soaps.

So I drew the dimensions I wanted on a piece of A4 and, a bit of head-scratching later, realised that you actually only needed to make four straight cuts to create a box and decided to just make my own. Away I went…

I bought some nice ocean coloured card to make the box with and used one of my favourite vintage labels, which are free to download at the World Label blog. Obviously, the ribbon was the final touch…

But back to the present day. Two months later, with the template finally ready to share, I tested it out by making a second box.  For this one, I used a sheet of A4 printed one side with this gorgeous feather image, from the Graphics Fairy blog, and on the other with my template.

All went well! So the suspense is finally over and the tutorial and template follow, in case you’ve got a hankering to make your own gift box too…

Gift box template and tutorial


  • A printer
  • A piece of A4 card or paper. As the side you print the template on will form the inside of the box, you could use some coloured card, or simply print a nice design onto the other side of the paper.
  • Glue or sellotape
  • This pdf gift box template

What to do

Step 1. Print out the template onto the blank side of your A4 sheet of paper or card.  Most printers automatically put a border around the outside, so select “Actual size” as your print setting.

Box template
Of course, you won’t have two separate sheets of paper, I’m just demonstrating both sides…
Box template
The template so complicated I couldn’t transfer it to the computer on my own. Ahem.

Step 2: Cut along the thick black lines marked with scissors (you could have figured that out on your own, couldn’t you?)

Make your own gift box
Snip, snip, snip

Step 3: Fold all of the dotted lines inwards, so the fold is towards you.

Make your own gift box
Fold, fold, fold

When you’re finished, it will look something like this:

Make your own gift box
Creased and crumpled and almost there…

On the two long sides, you now have an overlap at the left and right hand corners:

Make your own gift box
But what to do about those overlapping edges? Hmmmm…

Step 4: Fold the long side flaps towards you at a right angle for each of the four corners

Make your own gift box, free template
Aha! Fold the edges inwards, to create the corner

And the whole thing will look like this:

Make your own gift box
Not quite there, but it’s starting to take shape…

Step 5: Lift the short side flaps up and insert the long side corners underneath them.

Handmade gift box template and tutorial
Fold them under the short end flap
Homemade gift box template and tutorial
Hold in place.
Homemade gift box template and tutorial
Fold the short flap over the top…

Step 6: You now have your basic box, though the inside flaps are a bit, well, flappy still:

Homemade gift box tutorial and template
Confession, I left my box looking like this. But I know you’re less slapdash than me, so we’ll move onto step 7…

Step 7: Glue or sellotape into position.

Make your own guft box: template and tutorial
Since I didn’t actually glue my sides in place, I’m just pretending to use the Pritt Stick here

Which gives you nice crisp corners

Make your own gift box
Nice crisp corners

Step 8: Turn over and you’ve finished the top of your box!

Homemade box lid

Step 9: Take a moment, if you like, to admire the lovely details of your chosen images.

Box lid detail, make your own gift box
Of course, this isn’t a step at all, I just wanted to show you a close up of this gorgeous design

Step 10: Repeat all the same steps on a piece of plain paper for the bottom of the box, and place the top over it…

Make your own guft boxes: template and tutorial from Wolves in London
Top and bottom together
Make your own gift box: template and tutorial
The finished box. I know this looks pretty much the same as the photo in step 8, but if you peer really closely, you can just see a sliver of the white box bottom underneath…

This template will make a box of 19x10x3cm, but of course you could alter the dimensions and make a box of any size you need.

Enjoy! And if you do make up one of these, do post a comment to let me know how it goes…

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