The perfect packaging

I’m a huge fan of good packaging. When I really get started on the great fabric project and open my Etsy shop, I want everything I send out* to be so beautifully packaged that the recipient feels they’re getting a present in the post.

Which was just how I felt this morning, after taking delivery of a parcel containing something I’d ordered for the baby from The Round Window.

When I’d opened up the brown box, this is what I found inside:

Perfect packaging
Could you ever hope to open a box with a more delightful display inside?

Stunning, isn’t it? That gorgeous cheerful yellow paper, the baker’s string tied around it, the little acorn note…

The parcel itself was just like a lovely present. I almost didn’t want to open it up it looked so beautiful.

Perfect wrapping
Is it Christmas? Is it my birthday? Nope. Just something I ordered online… Beats the plastic bags you get from all major shops, doesn’t it?

The cheery little acorn (the motif from her online shop) had a hand-written note on the back, thanking me for the order.

Acorn gift tag
The world’s cutest gift tag?

And when I unwrapped the twine and turned the parcel over, there was even a matching acorn sticker, in place of sellotape.

Acorn sticker
And a matching sticker to hold the parcel together

Packaging just doesn’t get any better than this, does it? In all honesty, I’m not sure that even birthday or Christmas presents I’ve been given have been wrapped as beautifully! (Apologies to anyone whose ever given me a present and is reading this…)

I feel completely inspired to try and produce something as attractive as this for my own packaging when the times comes to actually start selling some stuff in my own shop.

Oh, and the icing on the cake? This was what was inside. A little stained glass egg man, that I’m going to hang in the window of the sproglet’s room.

Egg man from the Round Window
Glorious little egg man, from The Round Window. (His name is Eugene, by the way)

Beyond amazing, no?

(Apologies for all the superlatives in this post. In my defence, it’s not every day something as nice as this arrives at your door…)

*I might be making a big assumption here that I’ll get any orders at all, ha ha.

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2 thoughts on “The perfect packaging

  1. You are right. Great packaging. I am just getting started on Etsy and I have a friend who is an online seller of rare and antiquarian books and she told me to try to do a great wrapping job…not just for safety but a little embellishment goes a long way. I like the sticker idea.

    1. I think it makes your item really memorable as well, which means people are more likely to come back and buy more (or order another one for a friend, if they know it’s going to arrive looking so beautiful!)

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