Please excuse my appearance

Just a quick message to everyone arriving at my blog today: please excuse its squiffy appearance!

As far as I know, my blog hasn’t been out drinking late last night and isn’t suffering from a hangover. No, I think instead there is some problem with WordPress, which is causing my footers to show on the right hand side, and those ugly blue and black horizontal lines to be showing up half way down the page.

I’ve just been visiting the WordPress support forum and lots of people appear to be having problems today, so let’s hope they fix it up soon.

(Apologies to WordPress if I do later find out my blog snuck out in the early hours and drank too much gin.)

Since we’re talking lines, I thought I’d share with you a quick picture of some amazing fabric I stumbled across recently on Pinterest, made just with lines. Hopefully this will take your attention away from my ugly blog design for a second or two:

Richter fabric by Bonnee Sharp
Stunning line-based fabric

It’s called Richter, is designed by Bonnee Sharp for Bon Studio and you can buy it from Schumacher. I love the repetition of the really simply pattern and the irregular spacing of the repeats. It reminds me of a visual representation of sound waves (though I suppose it is inspired by the richter scale used to measure earthquakes…)

Stunning. Now please, mull on those lines and not the horrible ones sticking through the centre of this page…

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